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November 21, 2014

Real talk: Time for a fitness update. If you have zero effs to give because Thanksgiving is less than a week away and you’re already warming up those sweatpants I won’t be upset. Eat some chili cheese fries for me and catch up on the latest tutorial or shop majorly discounted winter coats.

I’m getting emails more frequently about my fitness journey so I thought it was time to check in with the latest update. Long story short, life’s crazy and I’ve been skimping on Crossfit. There’s a shocker. But I’m still obsessed with it and making it a priority. I feel better, in every aspect, when I’m working out with that group so it’s something that’s high on my list. Eating well, however, has fallen off the list completely. So while I feel like a complete beast in badass Zumba wear prints, I’m not losing any weight. It’s completely frustrating because I’m working my ass off, putting in all this work and I don’t see results.

CaptureIf you’ve been reading District Sparkle longer than like… a week, you know I’m a fan of the girl crush. To me, nothing is more empowering than seeing other women just kick the shit out of life. Straight #GIRLBOSSing. Taylor Simpson was immediately one of those women. When T money and I met, via social media, there was an instant girl boss connection. Our mutual love of cheese and red wine didn’t hurt either. She’s that 1% that’s discovered what she loves about life and has chosen to follow it off a cliff. She quit her day job and now makes a living empowering other women. Sign me the hell up. I spent a good long while living through her via Instagram until I realized that I was ready to put in the work to get what she had. Healthy eating, cool recipes, and a kick ass body. This girl is my fitness dream. And she’s local. And gorg. And has the sickest personality. And is just waiting for you to reach out to her so she can help you change. your. life.

I’ve been working with Taylor for a week and I’m telling you – this is a fitness experience you want to be a part of. She’s based in the DC area but she trains internationally. Yes, internationally. I mean, I’d eat grass 3 times a day to look like this. But, straight talk? Girl eats cupcakes. And pancakes. And ICE CREAM every night. (See also: Cheat days) She teaches you how to make what you love so you can keep eating it. WIN. She puts in the work but has realistic expectations. I get texts, meal plans, emails, and workouts through her app. I need someone to hold my hand through working out. I don’t know what workouts are effective and what foods will really help me get where I want to be. Enter: Taylor. She explained that 99% of the time the right nutrition isn’t partnered up with the most effective workouts. Fuel plays a huge role in burning fat and keeping lean muscle. Oh hai, formal holiday party gown. The More You Know.

Start your fitness resolution early this year and check out Taylor’s programs. From one working woman to another, this magic fitness unicorn can find a way to make fitness & the right nutrition a part of your life and easily integrate it into yourbusy schedule. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Tay is hosting a local Bootcamp Saturday, December 6. I’ll be there with a few of my girlfriends and would love for you guys to come out and test drive “Getting Taylored” for yourselves. Tickets are $10, get you access to the bootcamp, other local girl bosses who are interested in learning more about getting fit, giveaways, door prizes, and Taylor is donating all proceeds to the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. Like you needed another reason to crush hard on her, right?

Get your tickets now for a morning of fitness, girl time, and a few bloody Mary’s afterwards :)



The Basics: Winter Coats

November 20, 2014

Mostly because of Mario Kart and a little because I planned so poorly this week, there wasn’t going to be a post today. And then I decided that I should stop being rude and share with you a great secret I recently discovered: Forever 21’s coat game is actually very much on point right now. So on point, in fact, that I dare you not to buy at least one. Because on Sunday night I bought 4. Yes, they’ll only last a season or two but it’s a great way to test a style you’re not ready to invest in. These coats will probably not get you through a ski weekend in Canaan but they’ll keep you warm to and from work and on date nights which is all we can really ask of them, right?

Below are some of the styles that are killing it at F21 right now. Best part? Almost all of them are under $100.

Dusters + Trenches


Pea Coats

Printed + Faux Fur

#HowTo Heal Dry Skin

November 19, 2014

We won’t be concocting crazy home remedies. I won’t be suggested you sit far away from your toasty fireplace, change your diet, exfoliate with food or smear honey on your face. Uh, no thanks. I will, however, suggest you spend $4.58 on this bottle of magic to heal your dry skin.

vaseline 2

It’s water based, which means it’s not thick or heavy. It’s unscented, meaning it won’t compete with your perfume. It’s available at your drugstore. Hello convenient and inexpensive. And it’s DS approved. Stock up. Stock up now.

My skin is super dry. Who’s isn’t? I swam for 20 years and I only moisturized when my skin felt dry. Palm to face. Cut to me at 27 with wrinkles and exceptionally dry skins. That’s not cute on anyone. So when I heard my forever-favorite, Vaseline, launched a new lotion I knocked 5 bottles into my CVS basket and called it a day. Real life, I couldn’t even wait for IZEA to send this Vaseline kit to review the product. That’s how much of a Vaseline freak I am. I have this little guy in my purse, this tub on my desk at work, this can in my car, this bottle in my bathroom, and this bottle on my nightstand.

So what makes this particular lotion different? Well, quite frankly it’s magic. It’s clinically proven to heal dry skin in 5 days and your skin feels quenched immediately. Now, I know everyone is different and people prefer different types of lotions but if you prefer a light, water-based, unscented lotion like this girl, then this is the bottle for you.

vaseline 1

You know that feeling you get when you find a really great roduct that actually does what it says it’s going to do and it’s not like… $100? That feeling is victory, my friends. And how does a victor celebrate? By hoarding.

Vaseline has been healing scaly legs and soothing cracked heels since the dawn of time. Alright, maybe not the dawn of time but it’s been around since I was putting it on my shoulders to keep my racing suit from rubbing. Meet suits were always smaller than practice suits. Genius? No. Effective? Yes. Painful? Holy hell. I digress. Vaseline has. been. around. and while I’m sure effective marketing can be attributed to their success, they’re still around because their product is effective. And perhaps most importantly, can be found at any drugstore.

I’ve had the Vaseline petroleum jelly in my swim bag since I was 10. I flew like lightning to Giant that summer I heard rumors on the pool deck about that aloe lotion that had just hit the shelves. And now I’ve got this stashed in every bucket, basket, and tote bag in my apartment. I was charged with the 5-day challenge and knew my skin would be transformed in those 5 days.

vaseline 3

The best part? I feel better. My skin is quenched and I don’t feel inconvenienced by spending those extra 30 minutes moisturizing. And honestly, if I can get all that out of one product? I’m in.


This post is brought to you by Vaseline via IZEA. All opinions are my own.


Shop my Vaseline addiction:

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