The Perfect Ankle Boot

October 6, 2015

By the time my birthday rolls around in late August, I’m in boots. 80 degrees or not, you’ll find me in booties from late August until around Easter. Why? Because they’re just that good. And you know I love all things Fall!

Duster Cardigan District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan3

Duster Cardigan District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan

Duster Cardigan District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan5

Duster Cardigan District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan4

Duster Cardigan District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan6


Luckily, Off Broadway shoes has a killer selection this season and they’ve been my one stop shop for boots, short and tall. These folder over, back zip, bad boys run true to size, like most brands they offer, and were less than $50. Yes, you read that right. For less than a double order at Shake Shack, these booties could be yours.

Not a bootie girl? Become one. Not sure how to style a short boot? It’s easy: Wear ‘em with anything. Jeans? Yes. Dresses? Heck yes. Always make sure you’re elongating your leg. Don’t chop them off with a stumpy, frumpy look. This does not mean shorter women can’t rock a bootie, it just means you have to be smarter than the boot. Stick to a bootie with a stiletto heel and pair it with a skinny jean. BOOM. You’re 5 inches taller.

Ready to add a few shorties to your boot collection for free?  Vote for the chance to win $100! in OBSW’s Who Wore It Best #Bootfest Contest. Can’t wait? Shop boots at


This post brought to you by Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. The content and opinions expressed below are that of District Sparkle.

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all images Julien Garman

Triple Knot Bun

October 1, 2015

Got 10 minutes and ‘Day 3′ hair? Then this tutorial is for you.



What you’ll need:

+ dirty hair

+ oribe dry texturizing spray (travel size)

+ small hair ties

+ bobby pins

+ hairspray (optional)


When to wear it:

+ work

+ date night

+ wedding guest

+ target

+ literally at any point in life



Start with dirty hair. For added texture, lightly spray middle and ends with a dry texturizing spray.150812_DS_2174

Loosely secure hair into three low buns



One in the middle, and two on either side. Don’t worry about perfectly sectioning the hair for these buns. The messier, the better.



You’ll end up looking like a weird alien. Don’t fret. This is where you’re supposed to be. Things will come together… hopefully…150812_DS_2218


Without unflopping each bun into a ponytail, loosely twist the buns in a circle – creating a donut shape. Then secure your donut shape with bobby pins.150812_DS_2220


As you’re securing the donut buns, overlap parts of the first bun into the second. WHAT!? Yes. Do it.150812_DS_2239


Overlapping small pieces of hair from bun to bun will create a messier look instead of having three completely separate buns on the back of your head. Alien. If your buns are too perfect, pull small pieces from them and use those to overlap into other buns.

Important note re overlapping: Middle bun can mingle and overlap with outside buns and outside buns can do the same with the middle bun. THE OUTSIDE BUNS SHOULD NOT OVERLAP WITH EACHOTHER. Are ya nuts?150812_DS_2241


Continue twisting and donuting and overlapping and securing. 150812_DS_2246


Tuck in any of those little strays with the 83rd bobby pin in the pack.150812_DS_2257


Make sure you get that little straggler ruuuuul good.


DONE. Happened faster than you realized, huh? Wasn’t so awful, was it? Now, gently, pull a few wispys here and there and loosen up the hair on the crown of your head, if need be. Every part of this look is supposed to be flowy and easy.150812_DS_2271

I’ve only ever worn this look to work. It’s chic and super simple when you’re in a hurry in the morning. Once you get the hang of it, it actually only takes 10 minutes. Yes, for real. Try it out this weekend and let me know how it works out for you!

all images Laura Metzler

Fall Essentials | The Black List

September 28, 2015

After commencing a hearty detox of my closet this weekend I realized my Fall staples are lacking. Impossible. But true. I’ve been spending so much time curating the perfect summer work wardrobe and trying to incorporate more colorful pieces into my outfits that I completely forgot to stock up for Fall. The. absolute. horror.

So, first thing’s first: Black essentials. Camel, cognac, oxblood, and army will have to wait. Wear these pieces separately or layer them to create a District Sparkle to die for look!

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