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Highs and Lows

It felt like Fall for all of about 15 minutes this past Sunday so, naturally, I took the opportunity to box up any piece of clothing that even resembled a hint of summer. I’ve been ready for this September-esque weather since football season ended in February.

District Sparkle High and Low TShirt Dress Kit and Ace District Sparkle High and Low TShirt Dress Kit and Ace 2

District Sparkle High and Low TShirt Dress Kit and Ace 3

District Sparkle High and Low TShirt Dress Kit and Ace 4

District Sparkle High and Low TShirt Dress Kit and Ace 5

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Apologies if you’ve had to be around me since mid-March. See, I’m a cool weather, hoodie sporting, leather jacket hoarding, boot slingin’ kinda gal. Which makes months March through August almost unbearable for me. I’d rather be sippin’ a hot toddy in a snow covered cabin literally a n y d a y o f t h e y e a r than taking part in a tropical vacation. OMG WUT girl you cray. I realize I’m in the minority on this one, but I’ve never been the kind of person to choose yacht week over a ski trip and as I get older I get more set in my ways. Whoda thunk?

As a summer hater, I find it very difficult to dress during the season. I become so unmotivated because of the heat that I just call it in. Yes, literally for 5 months. Ever seen me in July in DC? It’s not cute. And it doesn’t get any better until mid August when I start whipping out my Fall gear with the excuse that it’s “football season”. Technically, it is. Shut up.

Numbers like this little Kit and Ace t-shirt dress are exactly the kind of pieces I love to live in during this ‘transitional’ time. To everyone else, I’m sporting a cute little cotton dress but in my mind I’m winning at life on the highest level because I’m fooling all of you with my pre-autumnal garb. It’s magical, really, and so satisfying. Just make sure to pair it with a denim jacket if you’re planning to bamboozle everyone while it’s still in the high 70s/low 80s – pit stains ruin 5/6 happy hours in the District.

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