Off Duty

January 27, 2015

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Remember that day I was walking home from work, bopping along to that bad ass Ella Henderson song, thinking about how cool and strong and girl boss I was for eating healthy and staying healthy and the like? Right. And then I spent the next 6 days in bed. To leave the house only for Wendell walks and orange Gatorade.


This wasn’t one of those when you’re sick you do anything you can to make yourself feel better sicknesses. No, no. And the only reason I didn’t wear sweatpants out the door with a blanket around my face was because I just moved into a relatively nice building and I don’t want my neighbors to judge me… yet. Indoors, I sported super chic flannel pants and a ripped Notre Dame football hoodie that’s about 4 sizes too big. Classic. So, tell me. What’s your go-to gear when you’re off duty or under the weather?

Rack It Up

January 26, 2015

It’s a tale as old as time: You fall in love with the Clare Vivier leopard calf hair fold over clutch but don’t have the $200 plus to spend on such a “frivolous” item. Every time you see another woman with the clutch you curse your car insurance payment and indulge in some minor retail therapy, which, if you curtailed for a week or two you might just be able to afford said clutch. I digress. Then, one day, via social media, you see a gal pal has snagged your clutch at 40% off during a blowout sale. If only you’d been stalking that particular site on that particular day during that particular time. Dammit all to hell. Your broke ass will never be fashionable because it’s just not possible to keep 15 tabs open and watch the sales on each site every single moment of every single day. You should probably just give up.

Why hasn’t anyone invented a website that would track any item you bookmarked and email you if any of your items went on sale? Hello, elevator moment! Just kidding. Genius girl bosses Ali and Bri totally stole your moment and created this insanely brilliant website. Rack It Up will email you once your bookmarked item goes on sale, once it’s on sale at a certain price, or once it’s discounted by a certain percentage – you choose. So, if you’re in the market for that Clare V. clutch at ANY sale price – Rack It Up is your sale site savior. If you’re in the market for the Clare V. clutch if it ever falls to an improbable $80, Rack It Up is ALSO your best bet.

Cut the bull. What’s Rack It Up and how does it work? Rack It Up is a virtual closet & customized sale tracking website. Users collect their favorite items from their favorite stores in their closets and Rack It Up emails them as soon as any item in their closet goes on sale in their personal size! Rack It Up also has a large community feature so users can follow each other’s closets, their favorite bloggers and even retailers. Sign up, search those items you’ve been salivating over, “Browse the Rack”, or follow me to find new goodies you just have to have and rejoice in discounted fashion heaven when your first Rack It Up email arrives. Welcome to 2015, divas.

Make sure you’re following my closet to stay up to date on all the pieces I’m planning on adding to my wardrobe!

The Biggest Piperlime Sale of them All

January 24, 2015

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard the news that has every 20-something rushing to their nearest pharmacy to fill their Xanax prescription: Gap is closing Piperlime. Instead of drowning in sorrow filled thoughts of what exactly this means for the future of delicious fashion at reasonable prices, let’s focus on the positive: An insane “happiness” sale that’s going on right now where some flaming hot pieces are marked down by 70%. Piperlime’s door won’t be shutting until March so use these next few weeks wisely and jump on this sale now!

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