your tears are staining my satin pillowcases

Sometimes all you need is a swift kick in the pants. Whether you’re down in the dumps, work’s got you a hot mess, you’re post break up, or you’re just stuck in frump town, sometimes you just need that, “HAY YOU, GET OFF YOUR BUM & MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN” encouragement to get moving. The moment I realized life wasn’t happening to me, my heart stopped for a brief moment, I regained consciousness & thought, “What would that bad mammer jammer Kelly Cutrone say to me right now?” Probably something along the lines of, “If you have to cry…go outside.” Ms. Cutrone, how insightful you are. How thankful I am that she is the person I thought of. Did you know she writes? It’s true. She does. And let me tell you – she. can. write. I found inspiration & motivation from places I didn’t even know existed. It’s real, it’s [a little] painful, incredibly insightful, & wonderfully refreshing. This book is a keeper…mostly because when have you ever just needed one dose of reality? Buy it, read it, & 6 months later read it again. She’s like a good friend you’ve known forever that’s a little cray but incredibly business savvy & that’s been around the block more than enough times to tell you that 1. everything is going to be a-okay, 2. put your damn game face on, & 3. no one is going to make anything happen for you except you. So, get down with your bad self, get out there & make it happen.


  1. April 22, 2012 / 10:42 pm

    Is that a signed copy of her second book? I’m so jealous!!!!! I loved reading the first one and have the second on my reading list. I just love Kelly, she’s so real and gives pretty good advice.