Back in 2014, it was a simpler time in the blogging world. rewardStyle had just been created – it was an exclusive affiliate platform that allowed bloggers to earn commission on the clothing they featured on their websites. You posted a picture of your outfit, linked out to each product, and earned a commission on your sales. Easy. Today, the game is mostly the same + a heavy dose of steroids.

A few years later, was born. It’s essentially the tool rewardStyle uses to allow members to earn those same commissions via Instagram. Snap your picture, log into the app, link the featured products, then post your image + affiliate link. By some kind of third-party wizardry magic, ‘liking’ or ‘double tapping’ the image would generate an email with all of the links to products featured in the post.


If you’re an avid DS reader, you know I didn’t use it much. In theory, it’s a great feature. As a consumer, I loved being able to shop from my Instagram and get a detailed email with product links a few minutes later. But as a creator, I found it more of a hassle than anything else and I loathed seeing LTK on every post I scrolled through.

Cut to a few months ago, when everything changed. Instagram got rid of all third-party affiliates and LTK lost its damn mind. An email went out imploring influencers to inform readers to stop ‘liking’ content (wut) and instead, visit a separate host site they had created for consumers to shop looks. There, you could follow your favorite bloggers and shop their looks all in one place. Hard stop. You do you, but I gotta continue doing me. And this blog does not survive on affiliate commission alone. I partner with brands that I love, want to share with you, and that keep things rolling over here at the DS headquarters. Social media and affiliate platforms will come and go. What will remain are the self-hosted sites you continue to visit on a daily/weekly basis (like District Sparkle). So while you can find my profile over on the LTK page where, yes, you can shop, you will also always be able to shop my looks directly from District Sparkle. And you will continue to be able to find details for all looks, flat lays, beauty products, etc. on my blog.

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  1. Elizabeth
    July 2, 2018 / 9:14 pm

    Welp. I’ve followed your blog for long time, longer than I’ve been on social media. I tried the whole LTK when bloggers/instagrammers stopped posting what they were wearing and you had to hit buttons. But that never worked for me. By the time I saw the email, the items were usually gone. JFC, I *hate* LTK.