Two Thanksgiving Cocktail Ideas



The holidays are upon us. A time for giving thanks, spending time with family, and making sure you can get through all this thankful family togetherness by traveling with your own black box of happiness.

Black Box Spirits (from the makers of our favorite boxed wine) released their new line of spirits just in time for the holidays, making me extra thankful this year. Instead of partaking in that third glass of chardonnay with your aunt Sharon, mix yourself a drink you’ll enjoy this year – and one you don’t have to worry about transporting to your second, and third Thanksgivings of the day.

I’m sharing my two favorite mixed drinks for the season, with recipes, below.




Whiskey Cider

Black Box Whiskey

Apple Cider

Apples + Oranges

Cinnamon Sticks


Another old faithful: Whiskey Ginger. Whiskey + ginger ale = simple holiday happiness.



Is tequila more your speed for family gatherings? Try my Blackberry + Orange Tequila Soda:


Blackberry + Orange Tequila Soda

Black Box Tequila

Muddled Blackberries


Orange squeeze + garnish


Do you have any super simple holiday cocktails suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

Happy Holidays, fam!