The Weekly Download | no. 3



Hot home news! Burrow is having a huge Black Friday sale: Use code HOLIDAY18 for up to $500 off your order. Head over to their site for all the details.

Not familiar with this brand? I did an entire post on why I’m obsessed with my Burrow couch, here.

+ my favorite plant stand is on sale and I rounded up my recent holiday decor buys, here.


On social

If you’re a loyal instastory watcher, you know all about this tee. After sharing it on election day, demand was so high that the shop restocked it specifically for District Sparkle readers. Talk about girl power! At $21.50, it makes a pretty perfect gift for the feminist in your life. You can find sizing details in my highlight reel on Instagram.


The LiketoKnow.IT Shopping App

aka rewardStyle’s “fix” to Instagram’s API shutdown.

I covered this last week on Instagram and saved the details (and video tutorial) on my highlight reel. In case you missed it, we’ll cover it here, as well.

Years ago, rewardStyle released An influencer posted a picture, tagged their clothing/products, fanciful magic happened behind the scenes of Instagram, you liked the image, and those links appeared in your email inbox within minutes. And then Instagram started taking security more seriously and essentially severed all third party ties within the app. No more likes for links. Then rewardStyle decided it was more important for influencers to make a buck through their platform than it was to cultivate authentic engagement and changed their message: They wanted users to stop liking images and instead screenshot it in order to get links delivered to them. Hard pass.┬áPlus I don’t want a bunch of randoms in my screenshot folder next to hilarious memes I intend on oversharing.

While I’m not sure how to solve the direct links to your inbox situation, there are a few ways around this. rS has their own app/site where the images with their direct links exist. It’s available to everyone and free to download. You can follow your favorite influencers and search by specific products or brands. Some people are super into this while others not so much. Personally, I think it’s a decently convenient work around since you can shop and save favorites within the app but it’s still another app you’re spending time on. If you’d rather take the middle man out all together, you can always shop my looks and products directly from this blog. Up at the top of the page there’s a little tab that says, SHOP. All of my looks from Instagram and from this rewardStyle app will also exist here on this SHOP page.


On the blog

Sharing two (and a half) holiday cocktail recipes in this post where the whiskey comes in a box. Yes, really.

Answering your questions about advocating for yourself in the workplace, how to deal with bitchy coworkers + more in the second installment of Career Corner Q & A! Catch the first one here.

Spilling the details on why I switched to natural deodorant and dry shampoo in this post.

Catch my 13 favorite finds from October, including the best 6 ft charging cables, here.

Winter coats for every occasion, including options under $110!


Weekend Holiday Plans

Since this is the first holiday season as my own boss, it’s the first time I’ve been able to travel where I want, when I want, and I gotta be honest with you… I’m into it.

With 4 Thanksgivings to hit in less than a week, I’m traveling quite a bit. First stop is South Bend for Friendsgiving, followed by Chicago for a few days, then back to Wisconsin for the rest of the family gatherings. I don’t mind solo road trips, especially when I have a decent line up of podcasts. I flew threw the first season of Slow Burn on the drive the South Bend and I’m planning on starting the second when I head to Chicago tomorrow morning. Catch the rest of the podcasts on my list + the full list of reader suggestions, here!

Fill me in on your holiday plans in the comments!