The Weekly Download | no.2

Next Week on the Blog

I know it’s been two weeks since we’ve talked to each other on here, but if you follow me on Instagram you know things have been a little hectic.

After sleeping around four hours per night for about two weeks, I finally finished a huge project that I’m really proud of. To celebrate, I decided to take a work/play trip to DC. Naturally, I scheduled every second of it and completely burned myself out. After last leg of travel, I got back to find my car wouldn’t start because I left my dome light on after driving 3 hours to Milwaukee to make a 7am flight earlier that week. You do the math.

The situation kind of pushed me to my limit – I’d planned to stop at Chikflia and Trader Joe’s on the drive home but because I didn’t want to take a chance on the alternator not charging the car battery enough so I drove straight through. I’m fully aware that in the scheme of things, that change of plan is small potatoes. But those small pieces of home are three hours away from the house now and cutting them out of my day because of a stupid mistake bummed me out more than it should have – and because of that I knew I needed to take a break.

So I took little break – and a week and a new face mask later, I’m a new woman. To recover, I just pushed all content back one week. Next week, I’m talking about why I switched to natural deodorant and natural dry shampoo (not sponsored), how to start a blog, the books and podcasts I’m currently listening to, and a few more nuggets of goodness.



If you caught my stories from yesterday you know the hype is real.

I was incredibly skeptical about buying this Summer Fridays mask. Everywhere I turned I saw the bloggers that rep sugar bear hair gummies with their Jet Lag masks taking flat lays on every international flight they took. There’s no way this product that came out of nowhere worked that well.

I’m not going to lie, there are times I want to buy a product but won’t because I don’t want to fall victim to the hype or look like I’m selling out to make a buck. So I held off. And last week, my friend, Kelly, brought over her tube for me to try – she insisted it would change my life. And, honestly, it did.

I haven’t been taking care of myself lately – I’ve taken two weeks off BBG, my diet has flown out the window and my skin is showing every bit of it. The night I tested the mask, I used about a nickel size and left it on all night. The next morning my skin felt hydrated and looked as glowy as it does after an oxygen facial which I found kind of nuts. I washed my face and applied another layer of the mask since I was traveling all day and wanted to see if it lived up to what it’s actually supposed to do. Two flights, one layover, and a 3 hour drive later, my skin was flawless. Less redness, insane hydration, more glow than I’ve had in years – and this was after TWO USES.

I get not wanting to buy into those popular products because it seems like everyone is pitching it – I’ve been there. But – from a skeptic – this stuff works.

I immediately ordered the Jet Lag mask and added the Overtime mask for good measure. Of course, it’s equally as amazing. The price tag is heftier than most products I buy but since it works for me I’m going all in. If you’re looking to splurge on just one mask, I’d suggest Jet Lag.


Washington DC Giveaway

Remember that night I spent drinking the best Whisky in Chicago? The Whisky Extravaganza is coming to DC and I’m giving away two tickets on Instagram! All entry details are on this post. Good luck!




I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had time to style our new home. Yes, things are out of boxes but trying to streamline two styles (his + hers), purchase more furniture to fill a bigger house, and redesign a few elements of the current floor plan to make it our own is exhausting.

Right now, I’m looking to create a custom closet – but there’s a catch. The master is one open-concept room. There’s no existing closet space so we’re trying to create something as minimal and streamlined as possible so it doesn’t overpower the room. Any suggestions?


Weekend Plans

I feel like I’ve been going a mile a minute – that huge project I took on is finally done (success!), and I feel like I’m still recovering from that whirlwind week in DC (go caps!). I planned to low-key work all weekend to knock out the huge list of content I still need to create for next week – adulting at its finest. Then I got a call last night about going to Madison for Homecoming Weekend – and all inhibitions went out the window. So, off I go to pack for a weekend of college football and searching for the cutest coffee shops in Madison. Any suggestions?