The Sneaker Trend

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If you’ve been around here long enough you know I’m cautiously cautious when it comes to fashion trends. Yes, it’s redundant but that’s how hesitant I am about trying things just because everyone else is doing it. I’d much rather invest in staple pieces I know I’m going to wear long after a seasonal trend has made its mark so you can image how surprised I was when I fell victim to the sneaker trend a few years ago.

My sneaker trend debut was made a few years ago at New York Fashion Week, unintentionally really. After walking the city in heels for three days, I surrendered to the sneakers I’d packed in my bag for travel and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. My feet were singing and it appeared that pairing athletic wear with other appropriate clothing was all the rage, per street style photographers.

Silly, really, but there’s a huge life lesson in this one: The creation of this look came from burnout and exhaustion. It came from necessity and (bottom line) not really caring what I looked like. At that point, I’d given up on being singled out for street style photos and was in it for comfort. Turns out, because I was being authentic (and my feet weren’t screaming) I exuded this air of confidence I hadn’t been putting out into the world before. Ironically, the outfit I wore that day with my travel sneaks has been my most photographed outfit at NYFW.

Confidence – how trendy.



This was the moment I stopped buying into trends all because of a pair of sneakers; what’s on the runway, the pantone color of the year, and worrying about what pieces in my closet would be in style the following season. It wasn’t fun – it was exhausting. And it wasn’t me.

Over the years, I’ve added a few new pair of sneakers to my wardrobe from Zappos and this Dr. Scholl’s pair is at the top of my list. This style also comes in black and white but when I spotted the hydrangea leather, I knew we would need a moment. They’re super comfy and best of all, they’re a piece that can work with tons of different styles in your closet, transcending the trend and making them a staple. If this isn’t your flavor, Zappos has a ton of other options on their site right now which is just another reason they’re my favorite online retailer. That and the two-day shipping!



The Lab by Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

I used to play by lots of fashion rules:

Always take one piece of jewelry off before leaving the house (overrated)

Never pair black with navy (amateur)

If you’re wearing more than one item of black clothing, make sure they’re the same black (ok, this is actual a really important one)

The only fashion rule I try to adhere to now is to wear what I absolutely love.

Don’t love it? Don’t buy it. Maximize your wardrobe – make it work for you. Calculate the price per wear and if you’re being true to yourself and your authentic style, chances are new additions will be worth every penny.