The 411 on Vitamins, Blends and Collagen

This post details my experience with supplements and vitamins. I am not a doctor or health specialist. Your doctor should be consulted before you introduce supplements into your diet.


Have you ever thought, “One day I’ll start taking vitamins and my whole life will change.”

I’m here to tell you: It totally does.

A few months back, I found myself sluggish, tired, and easily distracted during a normal work day. My skin was tired and dull and my overall feeling on week days could best be described as, “meh”. I tried changing what I was eating for breakfast, exercising before work, and even taking coffee out of my morning routine but nothing seemed to really give me the boost I was looking for.

After doing a little research and adding vitamins and different Apothekary (grab my discount code later on in this post) blends to my morning routine, I saw a huge difference in my focus, energy levels, skin health and overall daily output.

I knew nothing about supplements and had no idea where to begin but I knew I wanted to get in this game. I took a quick health + personality quiz, jumped on the daily vitamin pack bandwagon and haven’t looked back.

I chose the Care Of Vitamins route because I liked the variety they offered and the ease of their site. These are the supplements I’m currently taking and what they’re best known for:

probiotic blend

supports immune system and gastrointestinal function


supports heart health, healthy skin, athletic performance, cognitive health

vitamin d

supports bone health, fights disease and can reduce depression


helps relieve occasional stress, helps reduce food cravings, supports strength and endurance, supports memory and cognitive function

digestive enzymes

supports digestive health



Clearly, digestive health, mental health and improving cognitive function are two important area I’m really interested in focusing on. I’d love any recommendations you have for any other vitamins that work wonders in these areas!

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In addition to these vitamins, I’ve also been adding collagen peptides to my daily smoothie. I bought this stuff in bulk after my nutritionist best friend raved about the benefits, namely: healthier skin.


collagen peptides

Bottom line, we’re not getting any younger and that means we’re not producing collagen at the rate we used to be. Our body’s natural collagen production declines with age and lifestyle factors (like stress, poor diet, gut health imbalances, etc.) can also decrease our body’s ability to make it.

Ok, but what is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that helps promote hair, skin and nail health among many other things. It helps strengthen hair and nails and provides elasticity in skin creating a healthy, youthful and vibrant glow. Paired with daily use of the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask, I have noticed a drastic improvement in the quality of my skin. Additionally, this is the first winter (and a hell of a harsh one at that) that my nails have not been constantly cracking and I attribute it to my daily collagen intake.

I like the Vital Proteins brand best – they have a lot of different options: collagen beauty water, spirulina capsules, collagen whey, collagen creamer, the list goes on…




Another addition to my lunchtime smoothies are the blends + potions from Apothekary. I originally found this DC based company through a girlfriend and have since cultivated such a lovely relationship with the women who work there. These humans are all about going the extra mile to ensure you’re the most informed you can be and you walk away with the best blends to achieve your best self.

OK, but what are blends + potions?

They’re herbal versions of drugs with no side effects because they’re natural! These are the blends in my rotation:


slay all day

helps improve cognitive function


haters say it’s photoshopped

brains + beauty


better than botox

promotes youthful skin that’s forever young and dewy

vitamin c and omega 7


Not sure where to start? Take the Dosha quiz. For reference, I’m a Pitta: Better than Botox, Echinacea and Collagen are on the list to help balance out my fire.


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When I feel like I’m getting sick

I take the following for immune support:



encourages the immune system and reduces cold and flu symptoms

Vitamin C

provides protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, and eye disease

Vitamin D

helps fight disease


I’d love to learn about any supplements you all are taking! Leave a few of your essentials in the comments below!


This post details my experience with supplements and vitamin., I am not a doctor or health specialist. Your doctor should be consulted before you introduce supplements into your diet.