sparkle nation

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been tearing pages out of magazines & the Sunday style section & taping them to to the walls of my room. These days, that’s called an inspiration board but back then, it was just being an obnoxious child that led to being grownded, & having to clean those walls. While I had a love affair with fashion at a very early age, I grew up, in the suburbs of DC, knowing the day job I was going to have would require suits every day of the week. & there my dreams of wearing beautiful pieces died. Sports fanatic & fashion lover destined for life of drab, dark, ill-fitting suits. Cringe.
As I grew into my own, I grew out of that mindset. You can absolutely still look professional while looking fierce & fabulous. So just do it. Girl, you want to wear that structured black pantsuit with your favorite blazer on a Tuesday? – you get after it. I’ve always been one to do my own thing & more often than not that involves fashion. You are your biggest critic & once you get past that little voice in your head you open a whole realm of fashion potential.
After obsessively catologuing my favorite work & play looks offline, my best friend ultimately helped give me the push I needed to start this little blog of mine. It’s a creative space to keep inspiration, daily fashion, & a slew of ramblings about my native city.
For now, I’ll leave you with the inspiration I’m using to pull together some fabulous outfits for a bat mitzvah this weekend.
 all photos c/o Pinterest