Recent Home Purchases


It’s been almost a year since we moved into this home and I’m just now getting around to paint colors, furniture and landscaping. Yes, it’s been frustrating living in limbo all this time but because we know we’re going to be living here for the foreseeable future I wanted to take my time figuring out exactly how I wanted the space to feel. In apartments past, I was quick to furniture-binge and ended up really uncomfortable in my own place. Not this time, seasonal sales, not this time.

I’ve purchased a select few pieces of furniture over the past year but I’ve really caught the home furnishing bug over the last month or so. Probably in part, due to the sun coming out and the temperature being above 40 for the first time in 6 months but also because my list is pretty well done at this point. My list being the hundreds of screenshots I have on my phone, taking a painfully long time to narrow down to finally get to the furnishings I’ve recently ordered.

It feels unbelievably satisfying coming home to a space that I truly love. With the exception of my office, (aka the next major project on the list) I love spending time in each room of this house because of how much work we’ve put into it without spending a fortune.

My best advice if you’re going through this process is to take your time. Don’t purchase the first thing you like, wait for the thing you love. I’d also suggest spending an afternoon at a local antique shop. I scored a few really amazing pieces last time I was at our favorite shop in Milwaukee and these pieces go a long way in facilitating that cozy, unique environment.