The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Lash Boost Gift Set


Christmas is in one week. ONE WEEK. And if you’re anything like me (procrastinator’s unite), you’re nowhere near finished with your shopping. I’ve combed through most gift guides and even created my own but there were still a handful of ladies on my list who I couldn’t find the perfect gift for.



Gift giving for the sake of gift giving always bothers me. I like you enough to throw some money at the situation until we meet again in 364 days. I’m not here for it. So when I found myself stumped by these women, a little panic started to set in. Sure, there are always trusty fall backs like the stocking stuffer gift guides from Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters but so much of that stuff is just stuff. I spent a few days really thinking about what these friends were missing. What gift could I give that would fill a void, or fix a problem. The best dry shampoo? That’s not a one size fits all since everyone has different hair texture. A delicate necklace? Not all these ladies wear jewelry. Another candle? Who doesn’t love a good balsam candle but, come on. After an annoyingly long back and forth with myself, I settled on lashes. We were always talking about lashes. Specifically, getting the lashes we wanted without spending time in the morning on mascara. Everyone wants long, full lashes. And these ladies and I want them without having to deal with mascara (hello, gym) or eyelash extensions (goodbye, savings account).



So, I started researching. I’ve received tons of samples over the years that promise great results and every one has come up short. I’d heard great things about the Rodan + Fields  lash serum so I figured I’d test it out before gifting it to these ladies on my list. We’ve all seen the before and after pictures plastered all over Facebook and I, for one, never gave them much thought. Apply the serum every night for a few weeks to achieve those results? Fine, but every night for a few weeks is so many nights and I’m lazy as hell.

But, it works.



I’m planning on posting a full review after I’ve used the serum for the recommended 8 weeks but in the interest of gifting this set to anyone who is interested in a full set of lashes without sloppy adhesive — I’m already seeing results after using this serum for less than 30 days. The best part? Right now they’re offering this special gift set for the holidays that includes the most amazing eyelash curler I’ve ever seen. You need it. And so does every woman on your Christmas list.

So, to those three women on my list: your being difficult to shop for has finally paid off.


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