Paint the Town Jumpsuit

Technology has been failing me hard this week…

Keepsake Jumpsuit Lulu*s District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan

Keepsake Jumpsuit Lulu*s District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan 2

Keepsake Jumpsuit Lulu*s District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan 3

Keepsake Jumpsuit Lulu*s District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan 4

Keepsake Jumpsuit Lulu*s District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan 5


We’ve all been there so, let’s let bigones be bigones and get to the point, shall we? Last week we discussed: The Jumpsuit. When to wear ’em, why you’d wear ’em, and today, we’re talking about how to wear ’em.

I come from the unconventional school of thought that you can absolutely wear a jumpsuit to a wedding if it’s the right one. Maybe not so much if it’s white (I say this because I’ve effing seen it) but a proper, well-fitting, classy jumpsuit is completely acceptable at that marriage party you’ve got just around the corner. Need options? See last week’s post. Jumpsuits have been around for awhile, but only recently have they made their way from 60’s mod-chic to a higher fashion that moonlights as the perfect piece of clothing to wear for nearly any ocassion. I digress…

Jumpsuits and weddings.

Let’s get back to it. Bottom line? I’m bored of JCrew and Lilly dresses at weddings. Especially summer weddings. I’m bored with what you’re wearing. And I’m bored with what I’m wearing. Last year, I opted for a simple summer dress at a rehearsal dinner and when we broke for dessert I caught a glimpse at just how basic I was looking that night. Just. say. no. to that strapless peach colored JCrew you have hanging in your closets. Yes, I have it hanging it my closet too. And yes, it has pockets. But take a little taste of wild and get your body in a jumpsuit. Wild within reason – you’re not the bride for Christ’s sake, let’s not upstage anyone here. Nordstrom has great options that are reasonably priced and uber classy (Stupidly obsessed with this one). Or opt for something you could never afford but can rent for like a dollar, a la Rent the Runway.

Keep. it. simple. When you’re speaking jumpsuit, you can’t speak much else. It speaks for itself. If it’s strapless, go ahead and consider that chunky, layered necklace. But make sure you’re balanced (figuratively speaking) when you walk out that door. In a jumpsuit, you’re already the Carrie in a room full of Mirandas so watch it in the accessories department and play it a little safer by taking one piece of bling off before painting the town JUMPSUIT.

Laura Metzler Photography



  1. August 5, 2015 / 10:51 am

    Gorgeous photos!

  2. August 6, 2015 / 10:06 am

    This shade of blue is absolutely gorgeous on you! It’s so luxe.