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The Oversized Sweater You Need In Your Closet

Finding the perfectly perfect oversized sweater is a lot harder than it looks if you’re not 5’5″ and weigh a buck 15. At 5’8″ and an undisclosed weight, it’s been difficult to find a sweater that’s comfy, falls below the zipper on my jeans, doesn’t make me look like you got lost in the XL area of the men’s department, and has just the right amount of slouch allowing that effortless off-the-shoulder look.



Truth be told, I’ve spent a few years trying to find the right sweater for this look. The sweaters I liked were almost always too short for me and ended up looking like oversized crop tops. Since that’s not a thing, I settled for the silk cami + long cardigan look but always longed to find that token oversized sweater to wear with distressed cutoffs in the middle of the summer in order to pull of that incredibly laid-back, beachy style. I was going to be beachy-casual, dammit. I was determined.



I searched everywhere. My favorite online shops, stalked other style blogs, and even solicited friends to join my hunt. As luck life would have it, I, of course, stumbled upon THE PERFECT OVERSIZED SWEATER during a quick skim of the recent Macy’s sale. Like the ones before it, I was skeptical but ordered  my regular size (M) and hoped for the best. It came. I tried on. I fell in love. At over 50% off I knew I’d hit the jackpot so, naturally, I bought it in two more colors.

This Free People sweater is currently on sale for $108 $65 $45!



Anything that can be worn to work (try it with a cami + pencil skirt) and paired with denim is a 10/10 in my book. It’s going fast so make sure you shop it here before it sells out at Macy’s or at Free People here (for $70)


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  • Liz - Shopping My Closet
    May 8, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Looks so comfy!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com