Office Appropriate Makeup

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s the eve of the sweet relief you find from a two day vacation from work week hell but it’s also Career Corner day! Originally, Fridays were intended to be dedicated Career Corner posts only but life got the best of me and it’s been a chaotic road back. Yea, yea, I’ve heard it all before. The promises of work themed posts on Fridays only to be let down. No fear, friends: Next Friday’s post is ready for publication. It’s all about desktop essentials and MAN is it going to be a blast. (If you’d like to see a specific topic covered in Career Corner, i.e., resume writing tips, how to dress for an interview, creating the perfect media kit, let me know in an email or via Twitter.)

As for today, we’re discussing office appropriate makeup. Because you should always have to apply a little more before heading to happy hour…



Sometimes too much of a good thing is a great thing mostly inappropriate for work. Listen, I love a good smokey eye as much as the next lazy girl with a kohl eye pencil but save those skills for after hours. You don’t want to be the girl people look at and think, “MAKEUP”. Similarly, you don’t want to be the girl they look at and think “SHORT SKIRT” or “BACK TATTOO” but I’ll save those gems for another day.




Daytime makeup should accentuate your features in a way that subtly says, ‘God loves me just a little more’. To abide by this rule, I start with a light base like this super breathable BB cream from Clinique (apply with fingers). Sure, there are days I need heavier coverage so I found a great match in NARS Luminous Foundation since it’s light and natural (apply with beauty blender).

I recommend applying your makeup, particularly any foundation or base, by a window so you’re working with natural lighting. Trust me – from experience, it makes a difference.



I discovered this gel highlighter at a Bluemercury event a few months ago and I’ve used it every day since. Even if it’s the only makeup I’m wearing on a lazy-errand-running Saturday! Swipe a little on the top of your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, and under your eyebrows on your brow bone for a natural glow.

Now comes the hard part: Knowing exactly where to put bronzer + blush. Blush is easy – apples of cheeks. Done. I actually use a different color bronzer as blush because colored blush makes me anxious. You know me and color… For bronzing/contouring, I use an angled brush and lightly sweep it underneath my cheekbones and around to my temples. Would a video tutorial make sense here? Finish it off with a very light sweep of your jawline.

Full Lazy Girl’s Guide to Contouring here.



Keep it natural with the eyebrow pencil. You’re filling in bare areas and giving a little extra shape. You are not drawing new eyebrows onto your face. K? You’re using an eyebrow pencil right? I’m going to pretend we just said one big happy YES together and move on. But just in case, I’ll leave this here

Some days call for eyeliner while most days I’m happy with thick coated lashes. On liner days, try a liquid liner that won’t budge throughout the day. This one has quickly become my new ride or die. As for mascara, I’ll go to my grave wearing Stila’s Extreme Lash Mascara. I’ll buy you a drink if you can convert me to anything else.

Leave lipstick for after hours and stick to a colored gloss or that trusty chapstick for the office.


Questions? Concerns? Want a full blown tutorial on any of this stuff? Let me know in the comments below!


In the meantime, let’s talk bottomline:

You should always have to apply more makeup for happy hour.

No falsies.

No glitter.

No smokey eye.

Your workplace is not the appropriate venue to test the latest beauty trends. Unless, of course, that’s literally what you do for a living then by all means, wing that liner.


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