Maintaining Healthy Hair


Since the move, I’ve been sticking to a solid sartorial diet of ripped denim and vests. Since Fall is finally upon us, I’ve swapped out ripped for regular denim but not much else has changed – including my hair. For years, I struggled with bad colors, the wrong styles, BANGS (looking at you, junior year of high school), bad cuts, the wrong products, you name it. Until one morning, a few years back, I miraculously mastered the art of the beach wave and never looked back. It’s such a chic and effortless look and it lasts days if you’re using the right products. Major bonus.




I put my hair through a lot (bleach, processing, heat, styling, etc) so it’s important I take the time to restore it to maintain its health. One of my favorite products is Redken’s Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment. I use it three times a week and it works wonders for preventing split ends.

Speaking of maintaining hair health, Hair Cuttery is currently offering $10 off their Redken pH-Bonder service, which helps protect and repair hair while coloring, until the end of the month. HC is also offering a take home bonder kit, The Redken Color Extend Bonder Kit, which is a 3-step system that guests can purchase at their local HC salon to continue the bond protection at home after a color service. Guests receive $10 off Color Extend Bonder Kit with the purchase of any Color Service. Learn more about these services here.


Buffalo Plaid Button Down

Houndstooth Vest

CoH Denim

Finding the right colorist and hairstyle is just as important as daily maintenance after your salon visit so you always want to make sure you’re investing in the right products. Would you guys be interested in a full list of all of the hair products I’m currently using and a tutorial for this hairstyle? Let me know in the comments below or via social!


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  1. Elizabeth
    October 27, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    Omg, yes, please do a hair tutorial. I’m sloooowly figuring out the straightener-beach waves but your hair is seriously #goals.

    Also – I LOVED your honesty in your recent post about your life change. I too, am from the DC area and spent most of my career there until a move to Richmond, VA 2 years ago so I sympathize with a lot of your thoughts!