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I planned a different post for today but after the overwhelming response I got after yesterday’s post andthe questions I received about how I’m currently taking care of my skin, I wanted to share these products with you guys, ASAP.

Before we dive in, let me just say that all of your support and well wishes have been incredibly heartening. The one take-away I wanted from yesterday’s post was for you to understand how important it is to not only take care of your skin but to stay on top of your health. In the 24 hours since that post went live, SIX women have already messaged me about how they’ve made an appointment with a dermatologist. I know it can be incredibly scary facing the unknown but it’s so much better to be informed with what’s going on with your body so you can tackle it head on. I’m super proud of you guys for taking that first step and I’m here via email or Instagram or Twitter or whatever to answer any questions that you have.



Hydrating Cloud Cream

Hydrating Booster Serum

De-Puffing Eye Gel

These Perricone MD products were sent to me as a gift to review right around the time of my surgery. There was obviously a lot going on at that time so they sat on a shelf until the middle of June when I was really looking to overhaul my skincare routine and remembered these were in my stash. I’ve tested a lot of serums and moisturizers over the years and while I’ve seen beneficial results relatively quickly with some, the dullness and dryness always ended up coming back at some point.

After using these three products together for one week I noticed dramatic results. My skin was more buoyant and resilient, the dullness was almost all gone, and in general, it appeared more dewy and moisturized. I know we’re talked about favorite drugstore finds and not breaking the bank when it comes to beauty but this whole ordeal has changed my outlook on skincare (that includes makeup). The price tag for this brand is heftier than I’d like but I 100% recommend the investment if you’re looking for a new skincare regimen.

The H2 Elemental Energy line is actually made up of 4 products – the Firming Foam Mask is not pictured but I use it weekly. I enjoy the refreshed feeling I get after using the mask but I don’t see the same remarkable results that I get from the other 3 products. I’ve been using these products for almost 3 months now and my skin is on a different level. A few weeks ago, I traveled out of town for a wedding and used the skincare in my travel makeup bag instead of bringing these with me and I’ll never make the same mistake again. My skin was incredibly dehydrated and I started breaking out within 24 hours. As soon as I got home, I washed my face and applied the serum and the moisturizer and the next day I could see a noticeable improvement. The day after that, my skin was back to normal.

As I mentioned before, this product was gifted to me with hopes that I would review and I was more than happy to share my experience because they have helped me achieve the skin I have been working towards for years. Gifted or not, I 100% recommend these 3 products and would love to hear about your experience with them if you’re currently using or decide to start now.

As for scar ‘maintenance’, if you will, I’ve been massaging it with a hefty dose of Aquaphor every night before bed. The petroleum base helps keeps it moisturized while the massaging helps break down the scar tissue.

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