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Pencil Skirts to Puffer Vests

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6 months ago I traded DC happy hours for kayaking at sunset, and now snow covered hikes with the dogs and I’ve gotta say, I’m still pretty pleased with my decision. I was ready for the change of scenery and change of pace but the one thing I hadn’t planned for and wasn’t entirely prepared for was the change of style. Ah, yes. Gone are the days of heeled boots + leather pencil skirts + slouchy sweaters pulled over a button down. I’ve traded in pencil skirts for puffer vests, people. And while I miss those good ol’ days that centered around business casual chic, there’s something to be said for being able to live life in vests and snow boots.


The most difficult part of this journey right now? A new wardrobe. Yes, seriously. I’m currently living somewhere in between athleisure and weekend comfies and I’m not sure I’m fully comfortable in that world. Out here, it’s the essentials, and I’m slowly but surely building a closet that reflects my style while being fully functional at the same time.


Toad&Co Vest

Baseline Leggings

One of my favorite pieces: this Toad&Co vest. It combines functionality with style and is produced by a company where 90% of products are eco-friendly. The best part? They pride themselves on being committed to creating garments that are equally suited for the rigors of the trail or the tavern. That’s a brand I can get on board with!

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Maintaining Healthy Hair

  Since the move, I’ve been sticking to a solid sartorial diet of ripped denim and vests. Since Fall is finally upon us, I’ve swapped out ripped for regular denim…

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Statement Clutch

Sponsored by Zappos   These days, I tend to keep my date night looks super simple.  But keeping it simple doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style.     Rebecca Minkoff…

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The Basic Slide You Need Right Now

Sponsored by Zappos   It’s September 1st. Which means you can find me in the happiest of moods, draped in buffalo plaid and eating some kind of holiday flavored treat…

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First things first: Have you voted today? I’m competing for National Harbor’s top Style Setter spot and would so appreciate your vote! Voting closes Tuesday night so make sure you…

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National Harbor

all images Heidi You already know that National Harbor is one of my favorite date spots (looking at you, Walrus Oyster Bar) but it’s also one of my top spots…