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My Glossier addiction began the way any addiction starts: I got one small taste and had to have more. My first order was a tube of Birthday Balm Dotcom and a tube of their Boy Brow that everyone had been raving about; I had to see if they hype was real – anything to get a little help in the brow department. After opening the cute pink packaging and finding stickers inside (score!) I swiped on a little of the eyebrow gel and my life was instantly changed. Really? Eyebrow gel changed your life? Yes, yes, it did. I despise the amount of time it takes me to pencil in my brows every morning. Probably because the color isn’t quite right and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing – either way, I hate it. Then this little product comes along and creates full, natural looking brows in like… three swipes per brow. Bye bye, morning makeup routine anger. So, yes. This eyebrow gel changed my life.

After fully buying into the Boy Brow hype, I figured the rest of the Glossier products were just as good. I ordered the moisturizer which has gotten me through my first Wisconsin winter fully hydrated (this is huge) and their perfume solid. The Glossier You perfume reviews were amazing but I didn’t want to spend $60 on a bottle of perfume I’d never smelled before. The solid came, and after a month of rolling around in it, I finally made the investment in the bottle. I love it so much that it’s become my daily scent and I’ve never received more compliments on how I smell. That’s a weird sentence, but it’s true.




New to Glossier? Start with these 3 products:


To be honest, there isn’t a Glossier product I’ve tried and didn’t like. I haven’t found The Solution to be quite the unicorn magic that others have experienced but for now, I’m attributing that to my sporadic use of it. I’ll try my best to use it daily over the next month and keep you posted. Stay tuned.


Pro tip: Break larger orders into multiple $30 orders. You get free shipping and free samples with each order over $30.


My 5 must have Glossier products

Boy brow

Arguably, their most popular product, this eyebrow gel lives up to the hype. It’s a tinted gel that thickens and grooms brows into place. The wax is a soft flexible hold and doesn’t flake or harden when it dries.


I’m picky AF when it comes to moisturizer because my skin is so temperamental but this moisturizer has become one of my holy grail products. It’s heavy but breathable and it’s rich and nourishing without clogging pores or making my skin oily.

Glossier You Perfume (+ Glossier You Solid)

The best I’ve ever smelled. For real. It’s comfy, warm, and super addicting. The notes change based on your pH balance so it’ll smell a little different on you than it smells on your bff. Grab a perfume sample with any order over $30.


Marketed as a dew effect highlighter, this chubby stick is the fastest (and easiest) way to get a summer glow without the hassle of all that contouring bullsh*t.

Lip balm

I own at least one tube of each flavor (+ 3 of the coconut) and keep them in readily accessible areas of life: purse/car/office/nightstand, etc.



Shop more of my favorites here:


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