Avenue Suites DC: Home Away From Home

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A few weeks ago, I flew home to DC for a work event and spent a little over 24 hours in the city. I wanted to maximize my time there so instead of staying with family outside of the city, I looked into boutique hotels in Georgetown which is how I found Avenue Suites.


The Location

Blocks away from the heart of Georgetown, the location of this hotel is what originally sold me. Equally as close to Dupont and blocks away from The Kennedy Center, it was the perfect spot for all the events I had planned over the weekend.

It’s close enough to my favorite places in the city but tucked back on a quiet street with minimal foot traffic. This translated to an extremely quiet interior, as well. The vibe was calm, professional, and clean. Three of my most favorite things!




The Room

Clean. Quiet. Workspace.

Over the years, I’ve found that these areas are the most important to me when I’m at a hotel. I’d heard great things about the cleanliness and spacious of Avenue Suites but I was dying to find out about the hype, firsthand.

The room was pristine – and for how large it was, I was super impressed by this. I’m talking vacuum lines in the carpet clean. The sheets were crisp, the toilet paper was folded, and the glass table tops were spotless. Bonus: the fully stocked coffee selection + Keurig in my kitchen. By the time I got to my room, I’d been traveling for over 12 hours so I was thrilled to see this heavenly vision.

The suite itself was incredibly spacious, with a separate living room and kitchen within the space. I’m a huge fan of these attached living room spaces as I’ve found I’m most efficient when I’m working from any place that is not a hotel bed! To have this option was a total game changer and it was so nice to be able to set up shop to get a little extra work done after hours.

Since my stay fell on a summer weekend in DC, I went in with reasonable expectations that I’d be dealing with some noise that night while I was working but I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it ended up being. I’m not sure if this was due to the area of the hotel I was in (although there was a large family staying in multiple rooms on my floor that night – and still super quiet) or it’s generally a pretty quiet location. This is probably my biggest annoyance when staying at hotels and at Avenue Suites it wasn’t an issue at all. Bless.


La Piazza

After a long day of travel, (I was up at 3am that morning!) I was greeted by an incredibly lovely staff and welcomed with spiced margaritas, champagne, and the best crostini I’ve ever had in my life. Instead of settling into the room, I made a game time decision to park at La Piazza, the hotel’s in house restaurant and bar for some much needed indulgences.

We made quick friends with the bartender and were gladly peer pressured into a few of the specialty summer cocktails which I highly recommend. Since we opted for the earliest happy hour possible at the exact moment the bar opened, we took full advantage of the empty space and snapped as many pictures as possible – for the rest of the weekend this space was PACKED! Somehow the memo got out about this crostini…

Most recommended: spiced margarita | negroni | crostini | cheese board

The best part about La Piazza? You don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy their insanely delicious menu. If you’re in the market for a quiet date night with incredible food and even better service, I could not give a more glowing recommendation.







The Service

In a word: unparalleled. The absolute kindness and professionalism of each staff member was beyond my expectations.

Public and private areas of the hotel were spotless, guests were quickly attended to and well maintained, and the general vibe was warm and welcoming.

Typically, I’m a pretty hard customer to please – I enjoy a more modern experience which generally translates to roof parties and 20-somethings running around the hotel. I’m happy to report that my experience at Avenue Suites was nothing of the sort. I’ll be heading back for a longer stay in the near future and would highly recommend this Modus Hotels location for anyone who is heading to the DC area or looking for a relaxing staycation!

Extra perk: unlimited free coffee + a free drink at La Piazza when you book direct!





For more details of the hotel and a sneak peek at my room, check out my latest posts over on Youtube!