6 Summer beauty secrets



It used to take constant under-eye swiping, a change of wardrobe, and a small army of products to get me through a work day in the summer. Anything that wasn’t a dress wasn’t an option and from May-September I subscribed, exclusively, to the slick-backed pony club.

After a decade in the working world, I’d give my bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 21-year old self a few pointers: Care less about what other people think, cute work clothes can also be breathable and comfortable, and you don’t need to wear that much makeup to work. That pencil skirt is all kinds of professional meets perfectly chic until you’re 10 minutes into your commute, you’re a sweaty mess, and it’s stuck about 3 inches above where it’s supposed to be. Preach, sister.

These days, I wear minimal makeup during a summer work day (concealer, brow gel, mascara) and I make sure to have these 6 products in my bag:


love planet beauty cleansing body mist

This body mist comes in super handy whenever you need a little pick me up throughout the day. It’s incredibly refreshing and leaves zero residue on your skin. The coconut water and mimosa flower scent is amazing – I use it all over my face and body. I also use LPB’s body wash – I really dig this brand and what they stand for. They’re super focused on how to create the best, most natural products possible, all while doing what they can for our environment. Check out a little more about them here.


lavanila deodorant – the healthy collection, vanilla + earth

I’ve tested a lot of natural deodorants and this is the only one I’ve found that actually works. It keeps me smelling fresh all day and it’s super clean feeling. With any deodorant, I apply a second swipe around 2pm (mostly habit) and this one is no different. It takes about two weeks for your body to adjust to natural deodorant so during that time prepare to perspire more than usual. After the two weeks are up, perspiration should regulate however, the whole point of natural deodorant is to eliminate the usage of aluminum which is the ingredient that regulates perspiration in regular deodorants. Bottom line – you’ll smell great with this deodorant but you may perspire more than you would with a non-natural deodorant. Heads up for those silk blouse days.

It’s important to note I’m specifically referencing the LAVANILE Healthy Collection, Vanilla + Earth deodorant in the green packaging. I have not found any other scent to work as well.


clinique chubby foundation stick

I’ve been using this foundation stick for the past 2 years and I love it so much I bought 4 last winter in fears they’d stop making the product.

The creamy formula allows you to cover everything, while still looking incredibly natural, and the packaging allows you to take it anywhere. I have one of these in my car, one in my work bag, and I always take one in my carry on when I’m traveling.

Major perk: it’s Clinique. So it won’t cause breakouts which is a huge issue I have in the summer. Concealer + sweat = breakouts. Not with this stick!


glossier lash slick mascara

It’s won’t get you the thickness and volume you crave but it will give you lift, separation, length, and it stays on all day without flaking or smudging.

I’m a huge fan of chunky, thick lashes but it’s not worth wiping away the black mess that mixes with your concealer, leaving you with a dark, wet mess under your eyes. This mascara defines and stays put. I’ve been using it since May and I’m proud to report zero flaking or smudging. This is definitely a summer beauty must-have.


glossier boy brow

I’m not sure where this name comes from or if I like what it implies – regardless – this is my cult product. Winter, spring, summer, or fall (this is what happens when you listen to James Taylor whilst blogging) I’m wearing this product.

I was so tired of penciling in my brows every day. The time it takes, the fact that I could never quite find the right shade, and that I didn’t actually know what I was doing contributed to this exhaustion. When boy brow launched, I figured giving it a try couldn’t hurt and I’m so thankful I did since it low-key changed my life. What used to take a solid 3 minutes takes maybe 6 swipes and it stays put for the rest of the day. Remember when we used to keep our brows in place with clear mascara? The good ol’ days. This is like that + tinted to perfection. I use the blond color daily.

Basically, I’ve never met a Glossier product I didn’t like. 


glossier perfume solid

I originally bought this perfume solid hoping I’d just like it and save a little money by not buying the full liquid version. Well, my plan backfired. I’m obsessed with it and bought the bottle and another full solid the day this first solid arrived. Face palm. It’s marketed as one of those scents that changes with the pH level in your body – whatever it does it works and smells magical.

I keep a solid in my purse and one in my car for little swipes throughout the day.


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