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The Weekend Update on a Tuesday? That’s par for the course these days, fellas. As I previously mentioned in this post, I’ve found it difficult to market mascara and pointed toe suede booties to you guys when I’m in a place where I don’t even want to be marketed to. I haven’t been able to use my blog as an escape because I still can’t dig myself out of this hole and I feel guilty writing about OMG FASHUN when the world is ending.

If you know me, or catch me in a moment on Twitter, you know where I stand. If you feel the same, you know that this is hard. And I’m not going to tell you how to get through it because I certainly don’t know how to get through it myself.  I will, however, touch on two things before trying to get back to semi-regularly programming here: 1. LOTS of people, particularly on social media, have suggested that not speaking up on your platform does more harm than good and that it is a disservice to stay silent. While I understand the logic behind this, I do not agree with it which is why I’ve stayed relatively silent since November. I actively choose not to use this platform as a political playground. I also actively choose to be a girlboss feminist. 2. What’s happening in our country right now is not limited to politics. Basic human rights are on the chopping block and because of that, it’s important to me that you know I expect respect and equality for all. There are no exceptions. If you have differing values and opinions, engage in a respectful conversation. Maybe it will go well, maybe it won’t. Maybe that means your friendships with people will change. Maybe that’s a good thing. It certainly doesn’t validate hateful speech or shaming people for unfollowing you on social media. What I can tell you is that you will not change anyone. If someone doesn’t believe in intrinsic human rights, you are certainly not going to make them see the light, particularly if this ignorance comes from a place of privilege.

If you know me, you know what I stand for. If you don’t know me, you now know that District Sparkle and its associated social media platforms have a zero tolerance policy for bullshit and hate.

It’s taken me nearly a month to decide what to write here before I get back into trying to sell you the latest and greatest. It never felt appropriate. I never felt like I was fully or accurately expressing my fear and anger. I also didn’t know if this was the right place to share it and how much was enough. But after a series of events, both very positive and extremely negative, this felt right. I want you to know where I stand and that if you need me, I will stand with you.

It’s important for me to express that just because we’re sharing sale favorites and Spring lipstick colors does not mean that we are moving on from what is happening right now. But I think it’s important, at least for myself, to continue enjoying the parts of life I have always enjoyed which includes this blog and you readers.

On that note…

  • It’s New York Fashion Week and I am not there. Why, you ask? Mostly, it didn’t seem right. Frolicking along the streets of Soho, buying fancy coffee for the sake of the Instagram all while this business is happening. Instead, I donated my Fashion Week fund to the ACLU and I can sleep a little easier at night.
  • I’ve finally discovered my love for Instagramstories. Instastories? The filters, the location tags, the highlighter function, I love them all. What this means for you? You can now find all behind-the-scenes goodness and real life tribulations on Instastories. It also means I will no longer be using Snapchat. RIP. Maintaining both platforms is too much. Insta 4 lyfe.
  • I posted this image last week and people lost their minds over the clock feature on my phone. I’m not sure if there’s an Android equivalent, but for all you iPhone users, you can get the clock by downloading this app.
  • I just bought this flat bootie in two colors (olive suede and black leather) and might go back and get a third. Currently on sale, super comfy, and runs TTS.
  • The SHOP tab (up in the top left hand corner) was updated this weekend and now includes a few of the activewear pieces I bought this weekend. The best part of getting back into the gym? This jacket.
  • Speaking of being up in the club just working on my fitness… I just started OrangeTheory and I’m hooked. Anyone else drinking that Koolaid?
  • I hopped on the mule bandwagon and TBH I may never get off. They’re super comfy and a perfectly chic option when you’re as lazy as I am.
  • My Fossil Smartwatch (pictured above) is currently on sale with code LOVEQ26. Yes, it’s the worth the price tag. Shop other Fossil Smartwatches here:

  • Did I miss anything? Lady Gaga’s halftime performance made me cry twice. John Oliver is back, swiftly making moves to right all the wrongs happening in the world right now. DC’s first true winery will be unveiled this Fall, YAS. Guinness is also opening a brewery in Baltimore, BLESS. And The Smith DC is now a thing.

In conclusion, things have been sucky. In an attempt to make things less sucky, watch John Oliver and enter the giveaway I’m hosting later this week. Love you.

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  • Jill
    February 15, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Boots don’t have a link!!

    • identicon
      District Sparkle
      February 16, 2017 at 8:52 am

      Thanks for the heads up, Jill! I’ve updated with the link >>