I can’t help but squeal a little knowing that in 42 days I’ll be sitting front row in the standing-only section watching next Spring’s fashions float down the New York runways. September Fashion Week is always my favorite of the two seasons since it’s typically seasonally appropriate to wear leather & copious amount of black, it’s the season I can count on all of my fashion friends to attend, & I get a reprieve from NYFW madness to curl up in my hotel bed with a cheesesteak & watch the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game on Saturday night.


A large part of me is already planning looks for the few days I’ll be in New York, in my head. An even larger part of me is trying to work the numbers to figure out if I’ll be able to fit into those particular pieces in a little over a month. Being out of shape is the absolute pits & even more so if you enjoy playing dress up every day. Lemme tell you, these extra pounds make getting dressed in the morning a J.O.B. some days. & I’m so over it.



Thanks to my favorite Zumba® wear, I’ve been getting after my workout earlier than any one human should awaken in the morning. I’ve never been great at staying motivated or focused in regards to working out after a long day so I like to knock out these fatty pounds in the AM. A few days after this post, I started noticing that I wasn’t losing as much as I’d hoped for. After chatting with my best frand, who also happens to be a nutrition guru (jackpot), I realized that the reason I wasn’t shedding the weight I wanted was because I was still eating terribad foods. I’m talking processed cheese & cards, people. They’re just so delicious… She introduced me to the 80/20 rule & I knew I needed to change my food intake & game plan. Stat.




Who says a colorless palette can’t be a blast? I’ve been living in Zumba® wear shorts & leggings paired with oversized wraps & hoodies for AM workouts & possibly PM wine & pasta time. Scratch that. It’s now wine & celery time. I threw every non “clean eating” product out & spent half a paycheck at Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s stocking up on staples, snacks, & baking essentials. It got REAL real, REAL quick.

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 8.06.00 PM

I’d been eating cleaner but I knew I needed some kind of supplement to help me along in this whole ‘healthier life so you can fit into your cutest tuxedo straight leg pants’ quest of mine. So, the second I heard the Arbonne buzz I knew it was a force I wanted to be a part of. They provide you with the nutrition supplements you need to get back on track & send you recipes for the meals they suggest. THIS part of it was HUGE for me. I can eat clean till the cows come home, but if I don’t know how to make it or get stuck in a grilled chicken rut — it’s all over for me. I need variety. & Arbonne’s program is so ah-mah-zing when it comes to this aspect of eating healthy. Between the recipes & the detox tea I started seeing the pounds drop in almost 2 weeks. I’ve been on the program for about a month & couldn’t be happier with how I feel during the day & with what I’m learning to be able to make more healthy meal choices. Another super easy part of this nutrition plan is to make suggested shakes for breakfast & lunch which leaves just dinner to cook. I splurged for a Nutri-bullet to make mornings a little faster & it’s made all the difference. My blender was never stellar at truly mixing all of the protein powder resulting in powder chunks, bleh. & now that little investment has already gone a long way in one month. Major score.

Fashion week is in a little over a month, & while I hope I’ll be a little more slim & trim by then, my goal is to use this plan as a kickstart to an overall healthier approach to food. Gone are the days when I’d down an entire box of Wheat Thins in one sitting. Kidding, of course. It was chocolate cake…

Grab your favorite Zumba® wear for 20% with code: WORKIT20 & check out my Fitness Pinterest page for more healthy living inspiration!




Zumba® wear & Arbonne products were provided for this review. All opinions are my own. 





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  • Maddy B
    July 24, 2014 at 7:46 am

    You so got this. I love the Zumba clothes…loving what you wear to a workout always helps with motivation, well, it doesn’t hurt. And I’ve never heard of Arbonne, I’ll have to check it out.

  • Alissa
    July 31, 2014 at 8:57 am

    Such cute active wear! Hope the workouts and eating is going well – I’m also doing the same!! My mom sells Arbonne – all their products are awesome!!!