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take two

about district sparkle

 the can-can


the semi ghetto kissy-face-peace sign 


the superwoman 


just…the stupidest face ever


the workout plan

man, I love me a good lunge.


when in doubt or testing lighting…peace sign. evidently.

If you know me, you know I love a good class of Moscato, my fur baby, & I love to joke around. It’s a rare moment when I’m not making fun of myself, cracking jokes that no one seems to understand, or initiating Kesha dance parties during dinner parties [Can’t blame me for that one…girl knows how to work that auto tune.]

So when you take this tame personality of mine & try to snap a few shots for an outfit post, it’s rare to have a handful of pictures that I can actually use because I’m so busy goofing off. Truth be told, I just don’t have the patience or past supermodeling experience to do it any other way. I’m hopeful that you enjoyed this little tidbit because I surely had a fun time documenting!