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April 14, 2016

EMMA Burgundy BAG c/o JEMMA

Not pictured: 17 bobby pins and a whopping total of zero hair ties. How does that always happen? I recently received this bag from Jemma and it’s become my go-to work bag. It’s a gorgeous, deep red, perfect for any season. Legit any season – not just saying that because you need this bag. It has three separate sections inside and tons or zippered areas and pockets as well as a small leather pocket on the back of the bag, perfect for your work badge or phone.

On the weekends, I’ll typically have my iPad or laptop around to GSD but since electronics are not permitted in my workspace, I don’t carry them with me on a work day. Instead, my bag is slammed with loads of beauty products to revive me my appearance throughout the day, huge headphones that say, “Don’t even think about coming over here to talk to me”, when I’m not interested in saying the words myself, and the other essentials for when I head back into the real world: my Blistex Lip Medex is a life saver (I have one in every bag), hand lotion, and, of course, Mace. Although, if ever presented with a scenario in which I’d use it I’d probably end up spraying myself. Aces.

What am I missing out on? What should I add? What are your work bag essentials?

Shop the beauty products I keep in my bag:

A Little Bit Country

April 12, 2016

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

CATEPILLAR BOOTS c/o | BUFFALO PLAID TOP | RIPPED DENIM | FAUX FUR POM BEANIE similar fleece lined option | Ray Ban Aviators

Life Lately

April 8, 2016

image Sarah Gurrity

It’s been awhile since I’ve formally (aka not on Snapchat) checked in with you. So, hello there frands. Life lately has been stressful with room for exactly nothing else. So stressful, in fact, that I’ve been sick for quite awhile. Which has been perfectly miserable. I touched on it briefly last week and your suggestions have been extremely helpful.

Add me on Snapchat (districtsparkle) to keep up to date with daily musings, rants, and beauty product reviews. Over the past two weeks, I’ve shared my beauty and skincare routine, reviewed new products, and answered all yo questions.

I’ve found the fastest way to cure work week blues is to carry a kick ass bag. This EMMA Burgundy bag from Jemma is just what the doctor ordered during the work week.

When I feel uninspired, I tend to change things up. And man alive, have I felt uninspired recently. Maybe this is why I’ve only posted like… twice in the last month. So I’m teaming up with Havenly for a huge change. Can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Because of this new change, with an interior design company – hint hint it’s interior design related, I’ve been hoarding little tidbits for my new space. And after reading this book, I’m only allowing things into my space that bring me joy. Like this little guy.

A few weeks ago, I shot with Matine for the Spring Lookbook. Check out the new collection here.

Those heels from yesterday’s post? I found them in black. You’re welcome.

Yes, yes, I’m pitching another dry shampoo but I only just came across this one and it’s sewww good. Completely refreshes your hair without the weighed down residue bullshit we all deal with.

Speaking of beauty products to die for, this exfoliating treatment mask is a miracle worker. I use it twice a week (okay, maybe three times a week) and my skin has never looked better.

Thank goodness NYX Cosmetics just opened up a shop in Tysons so I can try on every shade of lipstick instead of blindly buying from the website. At $5.99 a tube it’s easy to guess what will look best. Last week I fell in love with this matte lipstick in butter and may or may not have bought three tubes…

Check out some of the other beauty and skin care products that are in my current rotation:

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