August 28, 2014

So you follow me on Instagram & you keep seeing this situation after the witty commentary & monkey emoticons: #liketkit @liketkit but you still don’t know what in the actual hell it means. In 7 days I’ll be on my merry way to N(ew) Y(ork) F(ashion) W(eek) & I’ll be Instragramming up a storm, tagging most pictures via Like To KNOW it. It’s important we decode this mystery before you’re bombarded with a whole bunch of this #liketkit @liketkit  – from me & every other blogger under the tents.

So, let’s break it down. Bloggers have the option to upload images to Instagram through a third party app: rewardStyle. rS’ offspring, Like To KNOW it was recently rolled out and offers publishers the same perks as rewardStyle but the program is specific to the Instagram platform. I upload this image to Instagram & this >> #liketkit @liketkit appears below. That means that I have linked those exact products pictured & you will be able to shop them by ‘liking’ the post. You then have 1 of 2 options. You can 1. shop the post from your Like To KNOW it account (an entire page of all your ‘likes’ is populated within your account) or 2. shop the post from an email Like To KNOW it will automatically send to you instantly or once a week (you need to set this up when you register if this is how you’d like to shop the looks). Get it?

Register. ‘Like’ on Instagram. Get the product information delivered to you via email or access it by logging into you Like To KNOW it account.

So what does this >> #liketkit @liketkit actually mean?

Decoding LikeToKNOWit Disrict Sparkle

Wow! That’s so helpful! Thanks a mil!

This is an example of what will appear in your inbox after you’ve liked this picture of my brand spankin’ new Wayf dress that’s currently on sale at Nordies for $30. Nbd.

Decoding LikeToKNOWit Disrict Sparkle2

How ah-mah-zing, right? In the past, I’ve included items that are similar to those that appear in the picture but you all get like RUL pissed when I do that so from now on I will only be posting the EXACT items that appear. High fives all around.


Still confused? Have additional questions? Submit them in the comments section below & I’ll respond back to each & every one later this evening! Thanks for your patience, peeplez.


rewardStyle links, publishers (me) will be able to see the traffic (you) that is directed to each product link. Once you’re on the product page, if you purchase the item I linked to I may receive commission. This is how small blogs like mine are able to stay in business, pay for website hosting fees, business cards, & the occasional badass sale shoe at ShoeDazzle.


August 27, 2014

Remember that time I asked you to fill out a 6 question survery & YOU DID!? You guyyyyyyyyys.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to submit a little feedback so that I’m able to make this the best space possible for fashion, home decor, life, man problems, & lady problems. SO, THANKS. Love you too. Feelings. ::Dry heave:: Let’s get back to the fashion, shall we? To the reader that answered every question with requests for more Wendell, you’re my favorite, & your wish is my command.

Just Do It District Sparkle White Dress Nordstrom

Just Do It District Sparkle White Dress Nordstrom2

Just Do It District Sparkle White Dress Nordstrom3

Just Do It District Sparkle White Dress Nordstrom5


This dress has been sitting pretty in a plastic hanging bag in my closet since 2010. I’ve never worn it. Not. once. Why? Because it’s relatively unforgiving, meaning it’s not the best choice when attempting to conceal your mac & cheese loving gut. So why’d I opt for this little number? My top 2 choices were at the cleaners & for some reason, I didn’t give a flying Fig Newton about a potential gut bearing situation. I was having a very Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits of the SATC2 movie & was going to make it happen, gut or not. I had two choices as I stared down that dress, deciding whether or not it was to be the chosen one to make birthday magic happen. I could continue to reach for flowy dresses that hide the areas I’m uncomfortable with or I could do something about it. I decided that night would be the last night I would down a bowl of mac & cheese till Christmas. It was also the night I decided I’d be enrolling in Crossfit the following Monday afternoon. I’m two workouts in & I feel great. Until I need to breathe, or, you know, move. In general. P90X has been working just fine but motivation I get from working out with other humans interested in getting swoll in shape can’t be compared. The people are supportive, I feel the workouts actually working, & most importantly, I just ordered pink lifting gloves since I’m already getting pretty gnarly callouses. I really am such a lady. Don’t worry your pretty little heads, DS won’t be turning into a fitness blog any time soon but I am excited to potentially fit into my pants sans muffin top at some point before Thanksgiving.

Photos by Amanda


August 26, 2014

September NYFW Essentials District Sparkle

It’s about that time again & while I can’t actually believe I’m leaving in 9 days my bag’s not going to pack itself. Unfortunately. Isn’t there a service that does this? Uber? ANYONE? I always over pack for Fashion Week. Whether I’m staying for 4 days & packing 12 pairs of shoes (sadly, this is not an exaggeration) or I dump my “emergency drawer” complete with mini lint rollers, keychain mace, advil, & shiv like objects, directly into my duffle bag I’m always over prepared which is actually not a bad game plan since some kind of perfect storm is always brewing during New York Fashion Week. The one thing I forgot to pack last year was medical tape. Yes, medical tape. The blisters these bad boys created were SO BAD that I actually ended up taping my feet up to get through the last 2 days. Oh, poor little diva princess had an awful time at Fashion Week. Listen here, Sally. When you’re on your feet for a solid 16 hours a day racing from place to place in a pair of heels whose only purpose on this earth is to murder your feet all for the sake of fashion & then do it all over again day after day – THEN you come to me & we’ll talk. Until then let’s get back to what keeps me sane & among the living during this magical week of crazy.

Dove antiperspirant spray - This has saved my life multiple times. & when I say ‘saved my life’ I actually mean it’s been the only thing that has saved me from other humans seeing a large sweat puddle stain on the back of my silk blouse. Cute, right? In September, it’s still as hot as Satan’s lair warm but it’s technically Fall which means I have the go ahead to wear leather on leather on leather without illiciting judgmental eye daggers.

iPad - This is just a given. If, for nothing else, serving as a back up iPhone once you’ve sucked up every last bit of juice from the 2 external chargers you have in your bag.

DSLR camera - A must for outfit shots on the go & general touristy type behavior because… you’re in New York.

Extra camera card - Because what can go wrong will go wrong & literally the last thing you want to be doing in a day where there are already not enough hours to get done what needs to get done is run around the city looking for an unlocked camera card that doesn’t cost $80. Gag.

Mini lint roller - No matter where I am, Wendell is with me. He was blessed with white, brown, AND black hair so my clothes have been blessed with one of the three strands sticking out at any given moment. Even if I’m traveling without him, his hair is making an appearance: in my suitcase, in my makeup bag, in my hanging bag, on my blazers, on the bottom of my shoes, this shit is everywhere. Lint rollers in every bag? Check.

Starbs card - Because, life.

Rollerball perfume - 12+ hour days are not uncommon & darting back to the hotel to spruce up before the next event is out of the question. I keep a rollerball of some unassuming clean scent in my bag so that I never smell like the cab I just jumped out while not offending the human I’m essentially sitting on top of in the back row of that next runway show.

Headphones - This is more of a travel essential but there are sometimes I just need a moment to myself during the hustle & I’ll throw these on in the back of a short cab ride or while I’m being uber shady in the back of LPQ praying they won’t ask me to buy yet another scone since I’m monopolizing an outlet for the 6th time that day. Let’s be honest, I always have a minute for Carly Rae Jepsen.

Snacks - New York snacks are all $8. I don’t know how or why or when this happened but I’m taking a stand on not going bankrupt via NYFW snack food & packing my own this year which means I’ll undoubtedly be that girl who makes an obscene amount of noise digging through her bag in an attempt to find the iPhone she carelessly tossed in her bag as she ran from tent security to get into the Rebecca Minkoff show. Who did what now?

iPhone - Your source of life for all thing #NYFW. Money, show invites, calendar, contacts, uber, map. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Multi use wipes - Body, face, hands, I use these suckers for everything. I’m typically a multi wipe for multi body parts gal but ain’t nobody got time for that. I learned the hard way when I used an antibacterial wipe on my face last year. Hello, allergic reaction. Lesson learned. Multi use wipes.

Mophie Juice Pack - Your phone is going to die. It’s going to die so hard that you’ll have to wait that 10 excrutiating minutes of it being extra dead even after you plug it in. Invest in an external charger. & then invest in another one. Because it’s Fashion Week & what has Fashion Week taught us? Things that can go wrong will. I have many tidbits of advice for surviving this week. This is #1.

iPhone charger - Don’t be a dumbass. Yes, you’ve packed multiple external chargers that you have ready for any situation possible except of course sharing. But there’s no need to waste that precious juice when you’re sitting 6 feet from a wall outlet. Bring your charger, hell, bring one for a friend – just be smart about your charging strategy.

Additional external charger - For the love of all that is good in this world, Best Buy created these things for a reason. Stock. Up.

Lip gloss - I’ve come to accept that when there’s a 4pm show I’m going to look like road kill mostly because I’ll likely be wearing faux fur but also because by that time all you want is champs. Ice cold champers. From anyone. To keep from having a mini panic attack at the site of my half melted face, I like to spruce up with a little Turkish Delight because, in reality, that’s all there’s time for.

Blister blocker stick - Good practice to apply this super human elixir each morning before you leave. Toss it in your bag in case you sweat or rub it off throughout the day.

Roll up flats - Confession: I’ve never packed flats in my bag during this week. I’m not sure if I actually ever had room in my bag or was just in crazy city dasher mode. Regardless, this year I’ll be packing a pair of roll up flats in every tote I carry.

Sunglasses - Sure they protect from the sun’s UV rays but more importantly, they give you that extra 30 minutes of looking like you’re not hungover & beaten down from the previous day. If only you could wear them indoors without looking like a complete ass.

Oribe texturizing spray - Extra juje-ing is always encouraged & unless my hair looks like I just woke up, I’m usually not happy with it. Enter the best texturizing spray ever in a convenient travel size. Which you will go through in 1.5 days.


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