NYFW S/S15 | Day 3 | Part 1

September 15, 2014

So, I promised you a Day 2 recap but… I lied. Day 2′s recap will come tomorrow, after Day 3′s outfit today. Because why would any of this make sense?

NYFW S/S15 | Day 3 | Part 1 | District Sparkle | Meaghan Moynahan


NYFW S/S15 | Day 3 | Part 1 | District Sparkle 2


NYFW S/S15 | Day 3 | Part 1 | District Sparkle 3


NYFW S/S15 | Day 3 | Part 1 | District Sparkle 4


NYFW S/S15 | Day 3 | Part 1 | District Sparkle 5



The outfit for Day 3 had me in a bit of a pickle. The first two days were HAWT so I knew I had to dress accordingly. Don’t let these white culottes fool you, I was wearing shorty Spanx to ensure there wasn’t a sweat situation I couldn’t immediately get myself out of. There was also a high probability of rain showers in the afternoon which, coincidentally enough, was exactly when I was planning to be outside for three hours. On a rooftop. With no coverage. Cuuute. This outfit was planned but the hat was not. It came into play later in the game once I heard there was th be rain all up in my bidniss. Sure enough, when it started to drizzle, I was happy as a clam under my felt fedora. I was also dangerously close to overheating for the better part of the day. More mimosas, please!

Truth be told, this was my absolute favorite look from the 72 other options I’d packed in my suitcase. It was cool & comfortable & it was something new I’d never tried before. Actually, I so enjoyed dressing outside my comfort zone that I’ve been incorporating that vibe into more & more of my outfits since New York. You’re in for lots more out-of-the-box ideas in the very near future until I get tired & start wearing all black again. Womp, womp.

Check back in tomorrow for the full rundown of Day 2 which includes but is not limited to: Shopping at a 4-story Forever 21 & leaving with nothing (hello, willpower), making it to every single event on my calendar (this is a huge deal in NYFW world), & why I cried over a $28 quesadilla (I didn’t cry because of the quesadilla, it was delicious – I was literally crying over it). Hashtag winning.

Photos by Jackie


September 14, 2014

Here’s the thing: I love football. & not in a “I love football because boys will think it’s cute” kinda way. I actually love football. Like I love it so much that I’m sitting here on a cool Sunday watching my Skins slaughter the Jags whilst I chow down on possibly the greatest chip dip ever created. We’ll get to this in a minute. I love it so much that I bailed on a boat party last night so I could watch my Irish win their third game of the season. It’s just what you do when you have a 7:30pm game. Because football is life. In this house we cancel dates with boys to watch games, we make it out to South Bend at least once a year to cheer on our Irish, we wear jersey with real team colors on them (pink is only acceptable during the month of October when we’re celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness & even then it needs to be from the Breast Cancer Awareness line), & we indulge in game day food the way it should be indulged in. & when I say, “we”, I mean me because the other half of my “we” couldn’t be less interested in football season. Sometimes I have a hard time believing he’s my kid…

photo 1

Mom, I’m not into this

Last week, Maddy won the FSTG giveaway complete with fondue pot – Madd dawg, I’m gonna need an update on your melted cheese intake.  I also asked you guys to submit your favorite chip dip recipes. Mostly because I wanted to try them all out but also because I want to share the deliciousness today! Charlotte submitted a suuuper yummy buffalo chip dip recipe I knew would take the cake. Sure enough, hers was my favorite which means I’m sharing it with you today. Not only is Char a mean chip dip making machine, she’s also one of my best friends from high school. Promise I didn’t rig this – you make this dip & tell me it’s not the most incredible football fan food that’s touched your lips. This is the original recipe Charlotte submitted but I changed it a little because I’ve never been great at following recipes… (if you show this to my CrossFit coach I’ll never talk to you again)

Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 4.50.12 PM

+ Boil three chicken breasts (defrosted) for 20 minutes & then shred the meat with forks

While the chicken was boiling I tossed the following into a crock pot:

+ Half a bottle of Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce (half the bottle keeps it mild – add more for super spicyness)

+ 1/3 cup low fat Ranch

+ 2 blocks of Philadelphia cream cheese

Skins fans: Making this Redskins colored dip with Philly cream cheese had no effect on the outcome of the game.

+ Throw shredded chicken in the crock pot & mix till your little heart is content.

photo 3

Sunday, party of one

I’ve always just noshed right out of the pot with my favorite Food Should Taste Good chips – I like this dip better when it’s flaming hot, temperature wise. But I do realize that others of you actually enjoy sharing. SO. Dish it up & chow down! The recipe above will fill up a regular sized oblong crock pot about half way, feeding, maybe 4, comfortably. Or you could live on the edge, like me, & eat it for lunch, lunch #2, & dinner. Wild thing. My favorite pairing is with FSTG blue corn chips & multi grains.

I also feel pretty strongly about making beer a part of this recipe. Like, maybe pour a cold one into the crock pot & see how that turns out. If you try it before next Sunday, lemme know. If not, I’ll update you next time we talk football. Which really should be every day.

NYFW SS15 | Day 2

September 12, 2014

I rocked a fake shirt on Day 1. Day 2 was going to be a breeze. & it was until about 9pm. When I cried. But we’ll get to those details on Monday.






I was out of my mind excited to wear this Lulu*s tee on the Friday that fell within NYFW. It’s cheeky & fun & only one person stopped me to tell me how funny I was. You guys. We really need to work on your sense of humor. Because right now I just cannot. It’s hilarious. ‘Cuz it was Friday. GET IT? This is hopeless.

On Day 2, I woke up with Michelle in my bed, a life-or-death need for all of the water, & about 16 bagels. I settled for 4, blocking as much judgment as I could. Bagels are life. Stop judging. Day 2 was also the day I realized just how many a-holes go to Fashion Week. Because under tents that are literally covered with black tarps (I assume this is to keep the tents cool – usually the sun is beating down upon you as you stand in line in 5 inch heels & you want to weep) people will still wear sunglasses inside. At this point I’m just worried you’re going to run into something. Stop being an ass.

The full rundown from Day 2 will be up on Monday. Until then, follow a few of my favorite fashion bloggers that are reveling in London Fashion Week: We Wore What | Happily Grey | Hillary Kerr

Also, Notre Dame plays Purdue this weekend so get ready for that on my Twitter (not sorry), the first look at Alexander Wang’s capsule collection for H&M is here & I don’t hate it AT ALL (this is a collab I’d stand in line for), & Jimmy Kimmel does it again. Don’t feel too bad for them – these are probably all people that wear their sunglasses inside.


Photos by Michelle

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