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August 27, 2013

district sparkle gallery wall

In no way related to my wardrobe or style choices for the day, I’ve become bored in my beige colored wall apartment last mentioned here. When I moved into my place, a few months back, I half-heartedly attempted to decorate it by piecing together a gallery wall in my bedroom…that needless to say crashed [literally] & burned rather quickly. I didn’t have the number or type of prints I wanted & I knew hunting them down would not be an overnight situation but decided to hang anyways. Mistake #1.

After a few months of acquiring favorites from all over [Etsy, Pinterest, etc] I tried again. This time my little Saturday afternoon project was abundantly fruitful. I immediately started thinking up titles for my home improvement reality show that I would most ceratinly snag after this successfully completed home D.I.Y. Obviously…

Some tutorials suggest you measure out the placement of the frames with some sort of measuring appartatus & painter’s tape before you take a hammer to your wall. Daredevil that I am, I hung the print that I wanted to be the center focal point where I thought it looked best. I then used trial & error to place the rest. There’s been some moving around & there are a few extra pinhole nail marks in my drywall but no one was injured in the process, I didn’t have to measure 12 different sized frames, & I do what I want. If you want a well-planned tutorial check out this video tutorial or this step-by-step write up. If you’re a regular human, just start hammering.

To get your gallery wall off to a chic start I’m giving away one of my own gallery wall favorites, from iSeeNoise, to one lucky winner! iSeeNoise has been one of my favorite print shops along my gallery wall journey. Super chic gold foiled fashion inspired art? Count me fully in. Can’t wait a week to make this print your own? Get yours here & on sale!


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