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District Sparkle accepts product samples for giveaways/reviews/showcase to publish in posts and social media accompanied by full disclosure. All gifted prodcuts are subject to review at Meaghan’s discretion. Gifted products will be listed accompanying “c/o” (courtesy of) its first placement in a post.

All potential sponsors/brands are closely evaluated for relevant contect before features.

For all inquiries regarding product review, sponsored post opportunities, and gifting or giveaway consideration, please email Meaghan at

District Sparkle contains advertising & affiliate marketing links that may produce commission on sales of products that are linked to in posts & social media platforms. Sponsored material may also be published coupled with a transparent disclaimer. Collaborations & sponsor-based content are created after a selective process based on brands that share the DS lifestyle. All opinions are my own.


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Any information (name, email addresses, + other personal info) you submit on District Sparkle
will never be sold or rented, and will never be added or shared to any third-party mailing lists without prior consent. Furthermore, DS does not store personal information collected about your visit to this blog.

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