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Denim on Denim

When summer rolls around in DC, all bets are off. You would think that living here for nearly 30 years, I’d be somewhat accustomed to the swampy summer weather but every year I curse the warmer months as they make their way in right after a 3 day sinus infection has knocked me on my a**. I’m telling you, DC summers are real gems.



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I’ve never loved summers. Whaaat!? Hear me out. I hate being hot and run a little warmer than the average Joe by nature which makes DC summers really unpleasant. Maybe I’d enjoy them more in a place with substantially less humidity? Or maybe it’s a personality thing. Either way, it’s hard for me to motivate myself for a rooftop happy hour in the scorching sun. It also makes me completely indifferent to what I’m wearing. If I’m being completely honest, putting outfits together in the summertime is one of my least favorite things to do. More often than not, I’ll throw on a white or black dress, pair it with sandals and call it a day. How boringggg.



In an effort to mix things up, just a bit, I did an all-season edit on my closet last week and got rid of the clothing I didn’t want to fall back on, particularly this summer. It’s always important to keep faithful staples but it was time to pull those faded, tattered black jersey dresses that I cling to from May to August. This summer I’m trying just a little harder with fun and breathable pieces like this off-the-shoulder top that also comes in white! This two piece denim look came in handy this weekend when temps hit 80 in the city. Bonus: I didn’t feel like an unfashionable, sweaty sack of potatoes. I’ll chalk this one up as a win.



Free People top c/o Rent the Runway

Treasure & Bond denim

Zara flats // obsessed with this black pair


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