Clarins 3-Dot Liner



One of my favorite tricks in the beauty books is closely lining my lashes with liquid liner to create the illusion of mega volume. For years, I’ve been trying to create this look with my standard liquid liner pencil by essentially poking at my lash line with the tip of the pencil to fill in the spaces between my lashes and create that volume effect. But by the end, I’ve typically dulled the end of my liner pencil and poked myself in the eye with liquid liner. Not chic.




Luckily for me, and you other liquid liner lovers out there, Clarins just came up with the perfect solution: The 3-Dot Liner. Instead of the standard pencil-tip brush, this 3-Dot Liner has a 3-pringed precision tip you use to stamp along your lash line in order to fill in those spaces ‘dot by dot’ between your lashes.



To create a bold loo, I’ll stamp between my lashes then hold the pen so the three dots are lined horizontally and swipe across my lash line for even more drama. The end look is a bold, precision line that’s perfect for any occasion.



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This post is in partnership with Clarins.

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