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Wedding Guest Dresses You Can Rent

Wedding season is upon us. God help us all.

Instead of marking the occasion with a $300 cocktail dress hanging in your closet that you probably won’t wear again, maybe spend a portion of that money on a treat yoself Thursday mani and put the rest towards a new car fund. Who needs a closet full out cocktail dresses when you can save money and rent them?

Rent the Runway has become my one stop shop for wedding guest dresses and for other formal events in DC. RTR is a clothing rental site that’s home to a huge collection of dresses, bags, and jewelry for any occasion you can think of. Sign up, choose your dates, filter your selection, and rent. Your items are sent to you in a clothing bag with a shipping label for an easy return once your event is over.

Easy enough, right?

Now onto a much more difficult topic: Wedding Guest Dressing



Try this formal hair how-to here.


Some women have a really hard time with this. There’s always that one wedding attendee who chooses the occasion of someone else’s wedding to make a statement with their outfit. I feel like there should be a disclaimer that comes with every wedding invitation, “This day is not about you. Dress accordingly.” That being said, people say that weddings are a great place to meet spouses. I’m not actually sure this is a thing but in case there’s a method to that madness, you’ll want to look your best while dressing appropriately for the biggest day in someone else’s life.

I’m going to lose a few of you here but my opinion when it comes to wedding guest dressing is very conservative: I’m a firm believer in absolutely no white, no cream, no light pink masquerading as white, no light pink lace, and no red. Why red? It sticks out. It says, “Hey, look at me!” On a day that is certainly not about you. So, I advise to stay away from it. Feeling oppressed? Then get married and invite your friends to wear any of the aforementioned categories. Until then stick with literally any other color in the rainbow. This includes but is not limited to black, black, navy, black, taupe, mauve, magenta, emerald, fuchsia, whatever. Most of the color world is your oyster.

Steer clear of whites

or light shades that could easily be mistaken for white

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Stick with with the rest of the rainbow. I’m all for bright colors, textures, and patterns – the more the merrier! Just keep white out of it.


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BUT YOU JUST SAID NO RED! I did, indeed. This particular dress is a red/orange combo. I’ve also included it here for those of you who think I’m insane and will wear red whenever you damn well please. If it were me, I’d make sure it was OK with the bride. If so, go forth. Don’t know the bride well enough to ask? Don’t wear red at her wedding.

Semi formal

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Try a jumpsuit

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Renting not your thing? I get it.

Try these under $200 purchases from Nordstrom (great return policy)

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Last resort?

Shopbop + Amazon Prime is your fail safe. Order a dress like this at Shopbop and checkout with Amazon Prime to get it in 2 days.

To recap:

  1. No white
  2. Nothing close to white
  3. No red
  4. If you think it’s too short, it’s probably too short
  5. The same goes for something with sheer paneling

At the end of the day, this runway opportunity isn’t about you. Make sure you’re appropriately dressed and comfortable in what you’ve chosen. Lost? Defeated? Don’t know where to begin? I’m happy to audit your wedding guest dress options: Send me a tweet and we’ll figure it out together!


Go forth and conquer the champagne towers.