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Buffalo Plaid

October 15, 2014

Remember that time I wore a flannel button down to the office?

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Buffalo Plaid Flannel Top

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Buffalo Plaid Flannel Top2

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Buffalo Plaid Flannel Top3

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Buffalo Plaid Flannel Top4

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Buffalo Plaid Flannel Top5

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Buffalo Plaid Flannel Top6


And everyone asked me if I was moonlighting as a lumberjack. Oh, ok. So everyone’s a comedian on casual Fridays? Cute, guys. Real cute.

Take a more casual button down, like this one I’ve recently been spending loads of time in, from weekend frumpy to office chic by pairing it with a more form fitting (appropriate for the office) skirt. A pencil skirt is the perfect option for a more boxy button down like this one. By pairing the leather skirt above, I kept true to my style with the leather while adding a touch of femininity with the skirt to balance out the apparent man-ish lumberjack situation that was going on above. Adding a pair of pumps kicks it up another notch for the work place and takes it into even more of girl zone. Who said you can’t wear boyfriend flannel to the office?

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East vs. West Style | The Oversized Sweater

October 14, 2014

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Leather Leggings Oversized Sweater

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Leather Leggings Oversized Sweater

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Leather Leggings Oversized Sweater

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Leather Leggings Oversized Sweater

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Leather Leggings Oversized Sweater


If you’re a longtime reader here, you know my thoughts on wearing leggings in public or out of the house, in general. If you’re new to District Sparkle, let’s take a minute to introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little better. Hi, I’m Meaghan. And leggings are not pants. Neither are sweatpants, but we’ll get to that another day. But there’s this gray area between the two these days. What constitutes “pants”? Pants don’t feel like lycra, can’t stretch to fit over your ironing board, and likely the biggest giveaway: Pants have zippers.

This is my mantra and always has been. Leggings are not pants, and as such, should not be worn in places where other humans who have eyes will be present. There is one very particular loophole to this rule of mine, however. It wouldn’t be a fashion rule without a loophole, right? An oversized sweater that covers your entire backside loosely can be worn with pants sans zipper in public. It’s not clinging to anything down there and it clears that area by at least 4 inches. Try pieces that are like really really short dresses instead of longer sweaters. And for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE ensure it’s loose. Turn it from casual to chic with a pair of pumps or heeled boots and your favorite bag.

Questions? Comments? I want to make sure we’re all on the same page with what’s approps and what should stay in on the weekends. At the end of the day, I like to play this game: If my boss saw me on the Metro, would I feel comfortable in what I was wearing? If not, go change.

Check out 5 more ways to style your favorite oversized sweater c/o my favorite #eastvsweststyle challenge girls!

EastvsWest Knits


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Girls’ Night Out with Lou Lou Boutique

October 9, 2014


The dress

Tortoise necklace // Gold chains necklace

Cognac bag // Leopard clutch // Burgundy envelope clutch

Leopard pumps // Cognac ankle boots // Riding boot

I’m a girl who needs options. Always have. Always will. Side dishes, candles, colored pens, taco toppings… I’ve always got ten of each. So when it comes to getting dressed, particularly for a night out when I can really let my hair down, I tend to go a little crazy with options. Spiked necklaces with extra chains, sheer shirts,  and leopard on leopard on leopard doesn’t so much fly at work so after-hours is the prime time to pile that on. Yes, girl! Let that fashion flag fly! You get after it! Until too much of a good thing is just too much. Which is the situation I currently find myself in and why I need your help.

The dress I’m wearing to this event at Lou Lou tonight (come hang!) is half leather and all forest green. I’m practicing what I preach and desk to drinks-ing this sucker so I added a little tortoise on top of layered gold chains and that’s where things get cray. With a regular shift dress and these necklaces you can have some crazy fun with the shoes and the bag. But let’s just calm down a minute and remember half of this dress is leather. That’s kinda an accessory in itself. It’s another element that needs to be considered pre accessory dump. So, instead of going to crazy town and back with options, I’ve narrowed it down to three shoe options and three bag options. But then I get stuck so I’m turning to you.

How would you mix and match these options to create the perfect look to co-host tonight’s Girls’ Night Out at Lou Lou? We’ll be inside for a few hours, sipping and snacking and shopping. BONUS POINTS to whoever suggests a viable jacket/sweater/arm covering situation that goes with the look. Readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GO!

Swing by Lou Lou Boutique in Dupont tonight and hang with me and these other fabby DC bloggers. It’s gonna be one helluva party.


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