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After Hours OTKs

November 10, 2014

Jameson and gingers aren’t the only things most appropriate for post work day. Enter: The After Hours OTKs.

Over The Knee Boots Shoedazzle District Sparkle3

Over The Knee Boots Shoedazzle District Sparkle5

Over The Knee Boots Shoedazzle District Sparkle6

Over The Knee Boots Shoedazzle District Sparkle2

Over The Knee Boots Shoedazzle District Sparkle


We talked OTK boots at work, but OTKs after hours are a totally different beast. It’s a no brainer to pair boots like this with any kind of thin black pant and honestly that’s what I’m most comfortable in since this is an uber statement boot with a heel. But since we’re been having such a mild November and I still want a little mileage out of my shift dresses, I decided to mod it up a bit and pair these two unlikely friends together. It’s still too warm for Olivia Pope coats so I’m sticking to faux fur vests until the forecast calls for freezing temps. Which, apparently, is Thursday. Break out the hot toddys.

Are you into heeled OTKs? How would you style these fun after hours boots?

10 Things

November 4, 2014



Yesterday’s sick day included lots of lavendar tea, the Gossip Girl finale (why’d it take me this long to get into it?), and these HOUSE slippers that shan’t be worn outside the HOME. But how cute? Go Hoosiers!

Still looking for that nudey pink gloss that’s perfect any time of year? Look no further.

This little toaster strudel was being extra snuggly this morning. Why can’t I take him to work every day?

Speaking of that puddle of love, I’ve been thinking of how to turn our momma-puppy love into tattoo form. There are, of course, tons of options but I’m loving this one I found this morning. Alas, he’s not a weiner dog. How could I Wendell-fy this?

I found a red passport wallet of the Prada variety on eBay this weekend. I’m only “watching” at the moment but this cold is making me delirious and I’m hovering over the “buy now” button.

My heart belonged to Davines after finding their alchemic conditioner that helped keep my ashy blonde from turning brassy but after finding this conditioning milk the love affair is on a whole new level.

Blanket scarves have been in every corner of the internet. SNOOZEFEST. Take that tablecloth off your neck and have a little fun with this faux fur option. What could be more chic than a squirrel around your neck? But, seriously. Sah cute.

I’ve been on a make-my-apartment-super-grown-up kick lately and this throw for the bottom of my bed seems like the first step.

In the market for OTK boots? Try these Sam & Libby’s for under $70.

Confession: I still can’t get enough of these Vince look-alikes from Target. The real deal is here. For $410 less, the new addition to your closet can be acquired here.

10 things

October 24, 2014



Wink Georgetown and District Sparkle are collaborating on a kick ass Vince trunk show party Tuesday, 10/28. Join me for discounts on one of my favorite lines, drinks, food (obviously), and GIFT BAGS.  Now I know you’ll come. Shop some of my Vince fave-skiis here:

This is old news at this point but if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch. Disclaimer: You’re going to cry laugh. Prepare yourselves.

It’s October which means blanket scarves are a thing again. While I’m a huge fan, I’m over every blogger and her mother posting them on every platform possible. This is the first and last time we’ll talk about them so get your fill below.

This month’s issue of Modern Luxury features a familiar face decked out in Wink favorites, discussing top picks for Fall. Amateur shot here. The more professional production here (page 28).

After the article was printed, I received a number of questions about my day job. While I, in no way, do this actual work, this is another good opportunity to skirt the question and link to an article about how badass these women at a sister agency are. Check out last year’s Elle article on Hillary’s Angels. Talk about girl bosses.

Transfering essentials from purse to purse is just another uber annoying thing we women have to do. I’ve been sticking to two bags for work to make it a little easier on myself. This one in black and this one in orange. I highly recommend both.

Recently discovered that I need to add this to my bedding collection.

This is the most accurate representation I’ve been able to find of me on a Friday night. 2 hours and 3 glasses of wine in and I’m watching Netflix.

This month is National Adopt A Pet Month. SO GO DO IT. I adopted Wendell from the Richmond, VA SPCA but there are great local shelters: WARL, Washington Humane Society, and City Dogs Rescue are a few of my favorites.

I’m trading in my heels for hiking gear this weekend. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to catch all the backcountry action and to watch me cook dinner in tin foil on an open fire.


WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING THIS WEEKEND? I’m yelling cuz I’m so excited about s’mores. Wineries? Antiquing? Lazy football watching?

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