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DS Moving Sale: Part 1

January 12, 2015

Remember that time I told you guys that my ah-mah-zing moving sale would be up “bright and early” this morning. Well. I lied. Because I have so. much. more. crap. than I thought I did.  The past two days have been one of those unpack this, no unpack that, no hang this here, maybe I should hang it there, where’s my shower curtain, is Wendell eating the box, where did I put the scissors and then you realize you have 32 half unpacked boxes and you just want to sit down in the middle of your closet and eat Stouffer’s mac and cheese. The family size. Because I’m a lady.


This DS sale I won’t shut up about will be live tomorrow morning. I do apologize for hyping it up and failing you miserably this morning. The only appropriate thing to do would be to add more leather and more jewels to the sale, right? Consider it done!

See you all back here bright and early tomorrow AM for PART 2 of the moving sale aka, the actual moving sale…

Picking Pumpkins

January 6, 2015


Photos by Ashley


Remember that time I went pumpkin picking in October and the look made it on the blog, literally, a year later? Mmm, apple cider. Things may or may not be a scoach busy at the Moynahan household with holiday hangovers, NYFW prep, and casually living out of boxes until my saviors movers come on Saturday, So for the next week or two, please pardon the short attention span, random tangents, and all around lack of – ooh, something shiny.

Speaking of random tangents, I received a ton of emails yesterday requesting more information about next Monday’s moving sale. Clothing, accessories, furniture, and home decor will all be included in the sale. I realize not all readers use Poshmark so the sale will be held right here on the blog. Items will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Interested parties will email me and transactions will be transacted via PayPal. This is as close as it’s ever going to get to a District Sparkle fire sale, people, so make sure you’ve got this page bookmarked for some early morning reading next Monday. Pieces will range from size S-M, 4-6, and my shoe size is 8.5. Items will not be returnable and I will disclose every mark, scratch, or possible flaw in the posting. And for those of you who just literally cannot even, below are a few of the gems you might find in this purge fest. Question. My new place has wall to wall carpeting. Should I add this rug to the sale?

10 Things

January 5, 2015


High five to the reader who said hi to me in Starbs this am. Even though I’m taking shabby chic to a whole new level in this sweater I purchased in the men’s department, it’s always amazing to start the day on a positive note with a new friendly reader.

I’m moving. Again. My last move was 13 months ago and it was dreadful. Da-read-ful. Mostly, because I decided that I could move my entire aparmtent with the help of a few friends and an F-150. Girl, no. This time, I hired a moving company like a grown up. Why do you care? Moving sale. Clothes. Accessories. Home decor. It’s all being listed on the blog next Monday. Mark your calendars as it’s first come first served. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

With a new place, comes more bathroom counter space. Gone are the days of studio apartments with more “character” than an SVU marathon can toss your way. To keep things as type A as they can get I’m teetering on the egde of investing in a glambox. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? I’d like to ditch the 16 glass containers that currently hold my products and replace them with one of these life changers.

Last week’s 8 hour drive consisted of a Serial marathon and ended with 4 cheese coneys. I’m not even mad. If you haven’t checked out Serial, I highly suggest you do. Especially if you’re an area native as it’s the true story of a local murder from 1999. INTO IT.

My life is in boxes. For 5 more days. And it soox. This has made it just a tad more enjoyable and hopefully, will make things a little less stressful come moving day.

I’ve discovered thee greatest lip gloss of all time. It’s minty, delicious, and comes in the most fabulous colors. Check out this latest DS approved beauty product here.

I welcomed yet another pair of Raybs into the family this past weekend and couldn’t be happier about the addition. 4 pair of RayBan aviators too much? Never. These are next on my list.

Still looking for that perfect catch-all for those deepest, darkest secrets random thoughts you have throughout the day? This Kate Spade notebook is the cutest and will get the job done.

This past weekend, I shopped in the men’s department at Saks, purchased this sweater, and then spent the rest of my days watching Game of Thrones for the first time ever. It’s safe to say I have a new obsession.

A new season of The Bachelor premieres tonight. Catch up on the crazy betches we’ll be judging for the next few weeks here. Like season’s past, I’ll be live tweeting all the Bachelor magic so make sure to follow me here (or unfollow me depending on how good your sense of humor is) to partake in hilarious banter throughout the night.

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