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The Life Planner Every 20-Something Needs

Fun fact: During the work day, I don’t have access to my cell phone. This makes keeping up with work/blog/life a real challenge during a business day. Particularly since appointments and events are typically…


The Extroverted Introvert

Don’t go rogue on me, but I’m actually really digging this weather. Let me explain.   I’m sitting here in shorts on my balcony, enjoying the cool 70 degree weather yet…


The Weekend Update | Vol 2

The Weekend Update on a Tuesday? That’s par for the course these days, fellas. As I previously mentioned in this post, I’ve found it difficult to market mascara and pointed…

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GSD 2017

The lack of motivation is real, you guys. It’s been 10 weeks since I’ve published a post here. I’ve mostly been filling my time by getting into an actual workout…