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Cognac Bags That Won’t Break The Bank

Who knew that I’d ever be suggesting a bag purchase that wasn’t solid black. Trust, it comes as a shock to me too but lately I’ve found myself reaching for another neutral color, like cognac, to break up an all black outfit. A cognac bag gives your look that little “pop of color” everyone is always so set on adding to the mix without actually adding color. Because who needs that in their life?



Sure, there are Celine bags that I spend more time drooling over than I care to admit and those Prada totes aren’t hard on the eyes either but I’ll never be one of those women who spends rent on a bag. And you can quote me on that. Till I die. It’s not a concept I can get behind or pretend I support to shill bags to you guys. So, I’ve found a few bags under $100 that I’m confident most of us can get on board with. From camera bags, to weekenders, I’ve got you covered.



The Little Cognac Bag: Perfect for nights on the town or day trips to local wineries



The Weekender Bag: An investment every 20-something should make (I have two black, and one cognac)



Cognac Totes: My Go-To Bag for the Work Week

Other neutral bags (at various price points) in my arsenal:


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