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How To Take Care of Your Skin this Winter

February 27, 2015

It’s come to my attention that not everyone hydrates their skin. Mostly because a few readers reached out to me after this post thanking me for reminding them to moisturize.



If you’re not moisturizing in the morning before you put on your makeup and at night after you remove it, you’re doing it wrong and you’re going to have an intimate relationship with the local botox lady by the time you’re 35. NOT INTO IT.

If you’re anything like me, you spend an obscene amount of money trying out new beauty products to help cover your imperfect skin. That stops today. From now on, you will spend your money on improving the quality of your skin via SKINCARE and makeup. But, it’s always so expensive. Don’t talk back to me. Stop spending hundreds on miracle lotions only to use $9 drugstore foundation. Those days are over. There is inexpensive makeup that helps to improve your skin. The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Cream Gel is my favorite and a great place to start.

Every time I wash my face, morning and night, I apply a serum (this Marula Oil is a game changer), then a moisturizer, then eye cream. OMG that’s so excessive. OMG you’re being cray; enjoy your wrinkles at 30. My AM moisturizer has SPF in it because hello, appropriate skin care regimen.

I’ve also become one of those super high maintenance women who spritzes her face with Evian during the day. Why? Because it’s effective. Hello, refreshing. And I’d rather look a little unhinged with my aerosol water can now then look 70 when I’m 40.  Hate away, haters. For an additional pick me up, I dab on a little of that eye cream I use in the morning. Yes, right over my makeup.

I’m also a big fan of hydrating gel eye pads and face masks. Every Saturday morning I slap these bad boys on my dark circles for 20 minutes and every Sunday night I detox my face with these masks. Yes, they’re pricey but totally worth it. I also really like this cream mask during the week.

Interested in masks that do more than just hydrate? Sephora breaks down their favorite masks by treatment type.


+ Spend money on increasing the quality of your skin not the quantity of your products

+ Drink 2 liters of water per day

+ Moisturize day and night

How To Organize Your Closet | Part 2

February 22, 2015

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember this mess?

I knew it was only a matter of time before I went crazy living in this mayhem but kept on using that great But I’m still unpacking everything from my move excuse that always works so well. The time had come. Actually, if I’m honest, the time had come and gone long ago. I’ve worn the same 5 outfits each day of the week to work in the last month since I can’t find anything in my closet. That’s not a cute look on anyone…

So with the help of a few new organizational tools from SOFI™, I got to work and tamed that beast. In the end, you should organize the way that works best for you, but most of the time I find that seeing everything you have to work with is the easiest way. Personally, I need to see every piece of clothing that’s an option for date night, business casual, or business formal; the clothing I’m most likely to wear during the week. I hang those and keep hooded sweatshirts and pajamas in boxes stacked above my hanging clothes. Strap in, guys. You’re about to see a little bit of my crazy…

Organize your hanging clothes by Type > Formality > Color. I line one side of my closet with blazers, then long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, then dresses. Within those type groups I organize by formality, more formal blazers to the left and less formal to the right and within that, color.

On the other side, my closet is lined with skirts and pants that follow this same organizational structure. Clothing wise, there was really no rhyme or reason to how I split my clothing although you could argue that tops and bottoms should be separated. The real reason skirts and pants are on that particular side of my closet is because they take up less vertical space (they don’t hang as long as dresses) and that allowed me to build a taller shoe rack. Taller shoe rack = more shoes. Simple, right?

My main issue after daily clothing was organized was what to do with my all of my clutches, socks, hats, scarves, etc. As far as hats and scarves, I know what I have and I don’t need the extra clutter. Those can go in a few of the SOFI Brix Box, Small or some of the SOFI Zipper Tote, Small. SOFI™ to the rescue. But clutches? I need to see those. Enter, the open-style Rax Bin. Perfect for containing my clutches while allowing me to see what I’m working with and it’s sturdy enough to take down and put up each time I need a different bag. Want to really change your closet game? Invest in a bunch of these Stax Shelves for an added level of open-style organization in your closet. That’s my next step.

So what do you think? Would this work for you? I’m always looking for great tips and tricks to share with you guys so make sure to leave your organization tips in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #dshome

DS tip: Instead of using your SOFI Hex Box for trinkets or jewelry, use it as a travel makeup brush holder. This little guy came in super handy during Fashion Week!

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The 5-Minute Face

February 20, 2015

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle

We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for work or you’re heading out to Sunday brunch and while you really want to look socially acceptable you just can’t bring yourself to spend 15 minutes on that perfect Lauren Conrad cat eye and then 28 more minutes trying to teach yourself how to contour from that YouTube video you pinned last week. It’s hard being a girl. I’ve been doing this long enough to fail hard, try face masks one should never try, and find a few of those holy grail products and now I’m sharing my secrets with you. In just 5 minutes, you can get that natural, glowy look that’s perfect for every day with the right products. And more importantly, with products that will help nourish and improve your skin rather than just cover up imperfections.

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle2

Cleanse and moisturize. It’s important to start with a clean slate so make sure you wash your face every morning. Every third day I add exfoliant to my face wash to get rid of that dead skin build up. Gross. m-61’s Perfect Cleanse is my favorite wash and comes in a travel size. Laura Mercier’s Face Polish is the exfoliant I keep in my shower and is gentle enough to use daily. I finish off my pre-makeup process with a light moisturizer with SPF. If you’re not using a moisturizer that includes SPF, switch to one that does. Your 45 year old self will thank you.

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle3

Enhance. I have an issue with patches of redness so Stila’s One Step Correct helps fix that situation and I can’t breathe without come form of concealer but I’ve recently discovered the importance of enhancing your beauty slash face rather than covering it up in layers of liquid foundation so I now use Bare Minerals Well-Rested CC stick with provides just enough coverage and gives your undereyes that little kick of caffeine they need. I use Bare Minerals’ Complexion Rescue in 05 Natural with a large flat brush to get a little coverage and a natural glow all while helping my skin.

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle4

Bronze. Because, obviously. A few swipes of bronzer adds dimension to your face and finishes off whatever mattifying effect your converup and foundation created. I’ve always been a fan on Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick to highlight the cheekbones and lightly curve in a C motion around your eye bone. I use Bare Minerals bronzer and love the natural, sunkissed look it gives. And for the love, please remember that a little bronzer goes a long way. Gently swirl your bronzing brush into the compact and either tap or blow to ensure you’re not about to streak yourself with those golden rays of sunlight magic.

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle5

Eyebrow it up. No I’m not saluting you, I’m doing my favorite brow trick in the book. The unnatural light in my bathroom shines too brightly on that part of my face so when I’m penciling my brows I like to do it in this shadow I create. Brillz. I neglected my brows until about 2 years ago. That’s 25 years of neglected brows. Granted, I didn’t overpluck to pencil thing eyebrows until around 9th grade… I digress. Adding depth by lightly penciling in your eyebrows can create an entirely different look and really create a more finished look. I found a cheap Revlon pencil years ago and bought 10 because I knew I’d never find anything I’d like as much but this Anastasia Brow Pencil is a very close second. Do yourself, and the world, a favor and LIGHTLY pencil in your brows every morning. It takes 30 seconds and you’ll be glad you did.

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle6

Lashes. During this brutal winter, I’ve decided to leave the liquid liner in my makeup bag and stick to only mascara. I’d find by the time I got to work every morning I had tears streaming down my face from the cold and with it came a little eyeliner. In my opinion, it wasn’t worth it to redo every morning and leaving it out of my makeup routine saves about 5 minutes. Damn cat eye bullshit. I curl my lashes, use a lash lengthener and the best mascara I’ve ever found. Ever.

Et voila! Your 5-minute face is done! Now let’s get that chic bedhead look in 2 more minutes…

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle7

Juhje. Juje. Jooj. I have no idea how to spell this. But I know you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sprinkle a little of this miracle powder a half inch from your roots on every layer of your hair and juhje to get all-over volume. If you’re only looking for volume at your part, just add a little a half inch from your part. I’ve tried every dry shampoo voluminizer duo in the book. This stuff. Hands down.

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle8

Texturize. I always texturize day 2 and day 3 hair. On day 1, it’s a little too smooth to mess with. But with straight hair, any other day I add Oribe’s Texturizing Spray to achieve that beachy look. Any day I wave or curl my hair this stuff goes in.

The 5 Minute Face Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle9


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Photos by Ashley

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