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How To Get Your Best Blowout

January 21, 2016


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There should be an MTV True Life about how I never truly gave myself a decent blowout until this morning. Swear to God. 28 years old and I just could-effing-not figure out how to use the round brush to my advantage. Strategic use of a dryer? Forget it. I toss my head over and fry my hair ’til it’s a big ball of frizz. And then I straighten it ’til it’s so brittle it breaks. Repeat 2x a week.

Typically, when I find a routine that works, I stick to it. This includes but is not limited to beauty products. Why switch shampoos when the one you’ve been using since 8th grade cleans your hair? Seemed logical and easy enough for me. Until earlier this week when a plethora of hair products showed up at my door. It happened to be the perfect storm of new products so I figured I’d give them all a go in one morning. If I hated how my hair turned out I’d just chalk them all up to crap. Again, super logical.

So, this morning I put Drybar’s Sake Bomb shampoo and conditioner to the test, as well as their new leave-in conditioner. In all honesty, I’ve never been a huge fan of their products – I can always feel that there’s product in my hair and the next day there’s a ton of residue. I’m a 2-day hair kinda girl so I like my hair feeling as light and product-free as possible. Going in, I had no expectations but was very pleasantly surprised by how light, soft, and flowy my hair has been all day. Attributing this to both the shamp/conditioner duo and the leave-in conditioner that is residue-y in no way, shape, or form. 10 outta 10 for these three.

Because my hair was so soft it made drying way easier. Typically, I’m working with something that mirrors the texture of wet straw so this was a welcomed surprise. It made me want to pretend like I knew what I was doing with a round brush.

Finally, my favorite part: murdering my hair with a flat iron. Years ago, my neighbor had a Global Beauty straightener that made the curliest hair perfectly straight. It was like silk. I was never able to find that flat iron for retail and consequently, have never had silky straight hair like that since high school. Until this NUME Megastar flat iron made its way into my life. It’s a game changer. Not shitting you. With one swipe, straight hair. No more of this going over it two or three times bullshit. It saved me at least 15 minutes this morning and my hair hasn’t looked this good since those Global Beauty days. Am I comfortable saying this is the best flat iron I’ve ever owned? Absolutely. And it actually makes me excited to wear my hair straight instead of just getting through Day 1 hair to have something more texture-y for Day 2. If you’re in the market for a new flat iron, this one is currently 60% off with code IRON60I’m prone to static and flyaways so I put a dime size of Kerastase oil in my hand and work it through the bottom of my hair and then add some Pret a Powder to my part to add a little volume.

And there you have it. Your best blowout ever. The end.

On Day 2, keep it fresh with a cap, then beach curl it up, and add a little dry shampoo to soak up the excess oil.


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Triple Knot Bun

October 1, 2015

Got 10 minutes and ‘Day 3’ hair? Then this tutorial is for you.



What you’ll need:

+ dirty hair

+ oribe dry texturizing spray (travel size)

+ small hair ties

+ bobby pins

+ hairspray (optional)


When to wear it:

+ work

+ date night

+ wedding guest

+ target

+ literally at any point in life



Start with dirty hair. For added texture, lightly spray middle and ends with a dry texturizing spray.150812_DS_2174

Loosely secure hair into three low buns



One in the middle, and two on either side. Don’t worry about perfectly sectioning the hair for these buns. The messier, the better.



You’ll end up looking like a weird alien. Don’t fret. This is where you’re supposed to be. Things will come together… hopefully…150812_DS_2218


Without unflopping each bun into a ponytail, loosely twist the buns in a circle – creating a donut shape. Then secure your donut shape with bobby pins.150812_DS_2220


As you’re securing the donut buns, overlap parts of the first bun into the second. WHAT!? Yes. Do it.150812_DS_2239


Overlapping small pieces of hair from bun to bun will create a messier look instead of having three completely separate buns on the back of your head. Alien. If your buns are too perfect, pull small pieces from them and use those to overlap into other buns.

Important note re overlapping: Middle bun can mingle and overlap with outside buns and outside buns can do the same with the middle bun. THE OUTSIDE BUNS SHOULD NOT OVERLAP WITH EACHOTHER. Are ya nuts?150812_DS_2241


Continue twisting and donuting and overlapping and securing. 150812_DS_2246


Tuck in any of those little strays with the 83rd bobby pin in the pack.150812_DS_2257


Make sure you get that little straggler ruuuuul good.


DONE. Happened faster than you realized, huh? Wasn’t so awful, was it? Now, gently, pull a few wispys here and there and loosen up the hair on the crown of your head, if need be. Every part of this look is supposed to be flowy and easy.150812_DS_2271

I’ve only ever worn this look to work. It’s chic and super simple when you’re in a hurry in the morning. Once you get the hang of it, it actually only takes 10 minutes. Yes, for real. Try it out this weekend and let me know how it works out for you!

all images Laura Metzler

Formal Hair How-To

August 19, 2015

Today, I’m going to teach you how to trick people into thinking you’re really ridiculously good looking and that you moonlighted as a hairstylist in a previous life. First seen here, this updo will cost you close to nothing and take about 10 minutes.

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle

What you’ll need:

First thing’s first. Don’t be overwhelmed. You can do this. It might not take you 10 minutes the first time you try, but it’ll get done. This is basically just a side bun with twists shoved into it. Glamourous, right? 

This style becomes easier, the messier your hair is: because of the curl and because of the dry shampoo build up. But, omg, that’s so gross. No one’s going to be running their finger’s through your hair when it’s up. Let’s all just calm down.

Start with Day 2/3ish hair. Throw some loose curls into the mix if it’s not already a little wavy/bedheady. Secure a low-side ponytail, leaving out a few chunky pieces around your face.

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle 2



Pull a little from your roots, so the ponytail isn’t shellacked to your head…

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle


It’ll end up looking something like this:

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle 3


Loosely twist the hanging hair on the far side of the pony and secure near the base of the ponytail…

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle



Then do the same with the other side. Make sure it’s secure but that the hair is loose. Like. Not smashed against your head. Think ethereal and flowy and dainty and beautiful. K, great. Note: Leave about an inch of hair hanging in your face (do not pin this back). We’ll get to this later.

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle




Keep loosely twisting and pinning those twists around the base of the pony…

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle



Tuck the pony part of the ponytail into itself aka make one of those buns you wore everyday in 6th grade. Note: When you start this process, you CAN choose to make this bun then, within the hair tie. I chose not to since I wanted this to look at loose as possible. If you bun at the beginning, make sure you pull and fluff and tease the bun. The fluffier the better.

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle




Tuck the pony. Leave a few little wisps out. Secure with pins…

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle



It’ll look like this. You’ll feel defeated. Like you’re a complete failure. There are at least 72 bobby pins in your hair right now and you can see all of them. You’ll want to rip them out. But don’t. You’re almost there…

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle



Take the remaining waves that have been annoyingly hanging in your face, loosely twist them, and pin them back across the bun mess you’ve just made. This piece will completely hide those bobby pins you were just freaking out about.

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle



Pull a few baby pieces out for that disheveled look. Add an unnecessary amount of bobby pins to make sure it’s secure or spray with hairspray. I tend to stay away from locking in with hairspray these days bc I want it to fall throughout the night but if this isn’t your jam, spray that bad boy. The end. You’re a hair wizard.

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle



Congratulations. You just won life.

Formal Hair How To District Sparkle


Laura Metzler Photography

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