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An Updo For The Office In Under 5 Minutes

October 16, 2014

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: This hairstyle is super easy. It’s cute enough to be worn like… twice in one week. It’s sah cute that it could also be worn on weekends. You’ll need to invest in 7000 bobby pins. And the lighting in my bathroom with no windows is awful. (Upon further review, images have been edited in b&w. If you saw the originals on Thursday, you know why) Now, let’s get to work.


What you’ll need:


1. Brush out Day 1 curls/ waves/ bedhead. Spritz dry shampoo an inch from your roots and an other areas that look extra “Day 2″. Spray a little Oribe for additional texture.

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Hair How To

2. Loosely twist hair back in 2 inch sections. Secure with bobby pins at the ‘low ponytail’ area.

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Hair How To2

3. Continue Step 2 until all hair is pinned back.

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Hair How To3

4. Twist and tuck in loose ends.

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Hair How To4

5. Secure ‘do with hairspray. I’ll never stray from this stuff.

Meaghan Moynahan District Sparkle Hair How To6


March 28, 2014

Think packing 5 pair of shoes in a carry-on can’t be done? How wrong you are, mon frere. The day was March 7th and I was bound on a Delta flight to NYC in mere hours. Finally, it was time to pack. I was packing for a 5 day trip that included a friend’s bridal shower, blog related meetings + events, showrooms visits, & two full days of my 9-5 grind, including work dinners. It was a fashion & travel miracle I tell you; I pulled a Hitha, & neatly slammed all 5-day essentials into my carry-on.


When life calls for this type of travel I pack pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched to make more than just one or two outfits. It’s essential to double up like this to maxmize space. In all likelihood, I could have done with maybe 4 pair of shoes but this girl likes her options. Never underestimate how a shoe or piece of jewelry can completely change a look & make it more appropriate for another kind of occasion.

I was only able to pull off this kind of travel magic thanks to the two pieces of luggage I chose to bring. I suggest a hard-shell suitcase like this one, & a Meaghan-proof carry-on like this Lo & Sons bag [check out their spring sale - today is the last day to save!]. Thanks to the O.M.G. bag I was able to dedicate my entire suitcase to clothing, jewelry, & toiletries. Invest in a quality carry-on bag/purse to help organize the rest like electronics, chargers, documents, & other extras you need to pack. Clearly, fluffy pajamas were not an option on this trip so I’m thankful that plush bathrobes are par for the course at the New York Marriott Marquis!



What I packed

In my carry-on suitcase:

One suit // jacket + pants

Three pants // printed, jeans, travel

Three tops // printed, button down, sheer black

One scarf

One hat

One winter coat

One leather jacket

Jewelry pouch // statement necklace, delicate necklaces, watch, bracelets

Toiletries // casedry shampoo, travel hairspray,

Flat iron

6 pair shoes // nude strappys, black strappys, after-hours boots, 9-5 boots, 9-5 flats



In my Lo & Sons O.M.G. bag:

Camera + charger

Laptop + charger

iPad & chargers

Phones + chargers

Current read

Travel documents




Think about the necessities & what can stay at home. I knew the Marriott Marquis would have amazing shampoo + conditioner plus extras like a hairdryer, lint roller, & sewing kit if I needed it. Any extra room is essential & since my hairdryer is ha-uge I opted to leave it at home & take another pair of shoes in its place. Priorities, people.


A huge thank you to Marriott Hotels & the Marriott Marquis, aka room with the best view, for making me feel so at home in NYC. Lodging was provided by Marriott Hotels. Per usual, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make District Sparkle possible!

Marriott Hotels’ #travelbrilliantly campaign reflects the lifestyle of the next generation of travelers, who seamlessly blend work and play in a mobile and global world. At its core, the campaign disrupts the traditional industry idea that a hotel is bound by its four walls.

Head to to submit your industry-changing travel inspired  ideas & & you could win a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit Marriott HQ!


[how to] at-home manicure

January 7, 2014

There’s nothing I love more than a fresh manicure. OK, there are many things I love more than a manicure but gettin’ my nails did makes me feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, those weekly visits to the nail salon quickly add up to just about a million bucks. Every once in awhile I’ll treat myself to professional nail care but I indulge in at-home manis on the reg to save time & money. It’s nothing fancy; Just a few tools & your favorite polish. Follow my easy steps to do your nails at home & cut costs!

Start by taking off all of your jewelry.


gifted giraffe jewelry dish

Make sure you’re working with clean nails. Trim & file nails to your preferred length then buff. Dab cuticle oil/lotion on your cuticles & gently push them back. Then use cuticle clippers to trim.

Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 10.52.29 PM


Wash your hands then begin with base coat.2013.1.6_meaghan_005


Next, layer on your favorite shade of polish. I recommend two coats for best results.



Clean up edges with the pointed tip of your emery board or your thumbnail. For excessive outside the line painting use nail polish remover on a q-tip.



Layer on a quick dry top coat.


* I swear by this top coat – it stinks & I’m almost positive it’s borderline illegal in California but it’s the quickest drying & hardening top coat I’ve ever used & locks your shiny new manicure for an entire week.

Et voila! You’ve just pampered yourself with an at-home mani without blowing through 25 bucks you can now spend on gourmet mac & cheese. You’re welcome.

Shop at-home manicure essentials:

Photos by Yvonne Rock

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