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How To Stay Fresh Faced Throughout the Day

March 25, 2015

It might be common sense to some, but keeping my skin hydrated is something that escapes me from 9-5. Products aren’t readily available, I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off, or I just… don’t care. Insert one of those monkey emoticons here. To be completely honest, until about a year ago, skincare was something I hadn’t ever really given any thought to. And then I looked in the mirror one day when I was getting my hair done – you know – in those gigantic mirrors that forgive ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I saw dry, drooping, wrinkly skin. Hello, panic attack. So from that moment on I vowed to hydrate my skin at every effing moment of the day including, but not limited to, those 8/9/10ish hours you’re at work every day.

Stop whining. It’s not that hard. And it won’t cost you much. You know what? Scratch that. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. It’s the well-being of your skin. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. Pick up the cutest cosmetics pouch you can find, (I’m obsessed with these) fill it with these essentials, toss it in your work bag – or even better, keep it in one of your desk drawers – and call it a day.

Not only are these products that I actually use on the daily, they’re products that I swear by i.e., won’t shut up about. Do your skin a favor and invest in it now. Say it with me, “PREVENTATIVE SKINCARE”. And I swear to God, if you’re not applying SPF daily (whether it’s in your moisturizer or you apply separately) I’ll hunt you down.



Evian Facial Water Spray

I always thought women who used water spray were high maintenance. Like, why don’t you just splash your face with water? Uh, because then your makeup will come off and you spent far too long applying it to mess it all up now. You know what I learned from hating on these women? That haters gonna hate and I was missing out on a super refreshing mid day beauty hack.


M61 Hydraboost Eye Cream

I’ve been using this miracle worker as my eye cream for a few months now but only recently added it to my work day refresh repertoire after hearing Bluemercury owner Marla Beck uses it as a mid-day pick me up on top of her makeup. Obviously, I tried it and fell hard and fast for the technique. Skip that 4th cup of coffee and instead apply it as you would regular eye cream over your makeup for a dewy look.


Marula Oil Lip Stick

Where to start with this lip stick. It’s marketed as a hydration balm and unlike typical marketing scams that lie their faces right off this stuff is actually a super kick ass hydration stick. I have one on my nightstand and one in my purse. Wear it alone or under lip color for extra moisture. You can also use it to heal dry patches on your face – just remember to apply it before you apply your makeup.


Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

My love of Vaseline knows no bounds and this intensive hand cream is no different. It’s fragrance free and super light. This is another one of those products I have multiples of lying around my house. Sah good.

bbBlotting Papers

I was never a fan of blotting papers until I found these from Bobbi Brown. These are a lifesaver around 3pm when I’ve been running around and I’m sweating like a lumberjack. It takes away that shine without taking off your makeup. That being said, in the interest of completely honesty, I don’t have a super oily complexion so I’m not sure how well these will work if you have that skin type.


And last but certainly not least: H20. You should be drinking 8 ounces of water per day. That’s a half gallon, ladies. I like to drink at least double that and I get it done by filling up a monster water jug a few times a day. Of course it’s Notre Dame football themed. Why are you even asking? Healthy skin starts from the inside out but because I know some of you can’t put down those diet cokes, these hydrating products will have to do.


Tired of wasting that precious morning time on a face full of makeup? Get ready in 5 minutes by following my 5 Minute Face tutorial!

How To Take Care of Your Skin this Winter

February 27, 2015

It’s come to my attention that not everyone hydrates their skin. Mostly because a few readers reached out to me after this post thanking me for reminding them to moisturize.



If you’re not moisturizing in the morning before you put on your makeup and at night after you remove it, you’re doing it wrong and you’re going to have an intimate relationship with the local botox lady by the time you’re 35. NOT INTO IT.

If you’re anything like me, you spend an obscene amount of money trying out new beauty products to help cover your imperfect skin. That stops today. From now on, you will spend your money on improving the quality of your skin via SKINCARE and makeup. But, it’s always so expensive. Don’t talk back to me. Stop spending hundreds on miracle lotions only to use $9 drugstore foundation. Those days are over. There is inexpensive makeup that helps to improve your skin. The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Cream Gel is my favorite and a great place to start.

Every time I wash my face, morning and night, I apply a serum (this Marula Oil is a game changer), then a moisturizer, then eye cream. OMG that’s so excessive. OMG you’re being cray; enjoy your wrinkles at 30. My AM moisturizer has SPF in it because hello, appropriate skin care regimen.

I’ve also become one of those super high maintenance women who spritzes her face with Evian during the day. Why? Because it’s effective. Hello, refreshing. And I’d rather look a little unhinged with my aerosol water can now then look 70 when I’m 40.  Hate away, haters. For an additional pick me up, I dab on a little of that eye cream I use in the morning. Yes, right over my makeup.

I’m also a big fan of hydrating gel eye pads and face masks. Every Saturday morning I slap these bad boys on my dark circles for 20 minutes and every Sunday night I detox my face with these masks. Yes, they’re pricey but totally worth it. I also really like this cream mask during the week.

Interested in masks that do more than just hydrate? Sephora breaks down their favorite masks by treatment type.


+ Spend money on increasing the quality of your skin not the quantity of your products

+ Drink 2 liters of water per day

+ Moisturize day and night

How To Organize Your Closet | Part 2

February 22, 2015

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember this mess?

I knew it was only a matter of time before I went crazy living in this mayhem but kept on using that great But I’m still unpacking everything from my move excuse that always works so well. The time had come. Actually, if I’m honest, the time had come and gone long ago. I’ve worn the same 5 outfits each day of the week to work in the last month since I can’t find anything in my closet. That’s not a cute look on anyone…

So with the help of a few new organizational tools from SOFI™, I got to work and tamed that beast. In the end, you should organize the way that works best for you, but most of the time I find that seeing everything you have to work with is the easiest way. Personally, I need to see every piece of clothing that’s an option for date night, business casual, or business formal; the clothing I’m most likely to wear during the week. I hang those and keep hooded sweatshirts and pajamas in boxes stacked above my hanging clothes. Strap in, guys. You’re about to see a little bit of my crazy…

Organize your hanging clothes by Type > Formality > Color. I line one side of my closet with blazers, then long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, then dresses. Within those type groups I organize by formality, more formal blazers to the left and less formal to the right and within that, color.

On the other side, my closet is lined with skirts and pants that follow this same organizational structure. Clothing wise, there was really no rhyme or reason to how I split my clothing although you could argue that tops and bottoms should be separated. The real reason skirts and pants are on that particular side of my closet is because they take up less vertical space (they don’t hang as long as dresses) and that allowed me to build a taller shoe rack. Taller shoe rack = more shoes. Simple, right?

My main issue after daily clothing was organized was what to do with my all of my clutches, socks, hats, scarves, etc. As far as hats and scarves, I know what I have and I don’t need the extra clutter. Those can go in a few of the SOFI Brix Box, Small or some of the SOFI Zipper Tote, Small. SOFI™ to the rescue. But clutches? I need to see those. Enter, the open-style Rax Bin. Perfect for containing my clutches while allowing me to see what I’m working with and it’s sturdy enough to take down and put up each time I need a different bag. Want to really change your closet game? Invest in a bunch of these Stax Shelves for an added level of open-style organization in your closet. That’s my next step.

So what do you think? Would this work for you? I’m always looking for great tips and tricks to share with you guys so make sure to leave your organization tips in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #dshome

DS tip: Instead of using your SOFI Hex Box for trinkets or jewelry, use it as a travel makeup brush holder. This little guy came in super handy during Fashion Week!

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