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International Travel in a Carry-On

Think international travel in a carry-on is impossible? Think again.




We’ve already discussed how this carry-on bad that can charge your electronics is a must-have, life hack, game changer. So, today, we’ll dive into how it’s literally the only suitcase you need. Yes, literally.

Last month I set off to Mexico for a week and was able to pack my life into one carry-on. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at what I packed:



Still not impressed? You might be thinking it’s easier to pack lighter for non-work related trips. Honestly, I thought so too until I was introduced to this bag. There’s nothing I hate more than being the only one who has checked luggage on a work trip which is why this carry-on has been a Godsend. Check out what I packed for my 4 day international work trip:


  • one suit (jacket/pants/skirt)
  • 5 blouses
  • 2 heels
  • 2 dresses
  • jacket
  • sweater
  • undergarments
  • jewelry pouch
  • flat iron
  • 2 beauty bags (hair products/beauty products)

I packed everything else in my carry-on: lint roller, laptop, wallet, books, etc. Not checking a bag also means you’re relying on travel sized products to get you through your trip which is more than fine if you plan. I like using travel sized versions of products I use regularly so I know what I’m getting. This is also a great time to use those 800 product samples you have sitting in a box under your bathroom sink.

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