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I Made It Through Summer Using Just 3 Beauty Products

Yesterday, we caught up on what in the sweet fresh has been going on over the last few months. If you missed it, catch up here before you do anything else. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for sharing their support and their own personal stories about how they’ve been handling the last few months. I was so empowered, but not surprised, by the fact that there are a number of you who are also searching for what more is out there for you. Many of you are preparing for similar journeys, both emotional and physical, and I couldn’t be more proud of you and I’m humbled by the fact that you chose to share that here. District Sparkle has been and will continue to be a place of SUPPORT. A few of you apologized for emailing or sending messages through Instagram. Don’t apologize. (And stop apologizing in general.) Come here for anything, any time – via comments, email, social messaging. That’s what this platform is here for.

24 hours ago, I told you that I’d been feeling uncomfortable schilling products and posting affiliate links for commission during the current state of our country. Truthfully, it’s still uncomfortable but I have no idea how to seamlessly and transition back into style, beauty, and career related posts and I need to keep this business running. So we’re doing it as bluntly as possible. At the risk of pissing a couple of you off today… I’m literally linking to mascara.



Every summer, I slap on a full face of makeup only for it to be melted halfway down my face by the time I got to work. Why I spent 9 grown ass adult summers working in DC and decided that makeup was a good idea each day, I’ll never know. But after my surgery in April, my outlook drastically changed. I had only ever been interested in covering up the imperfections instead of treating them from the inside out. I changed my skincare regimen and decided against liquid foundation as a way to push myself to better skincare. I found a decently full coverage powder and have used it every day since. Full brows and huge lashes were my only other concerns so I tested a bunch of products that made huge promises and settled on the two that worked best for me. 6 months later, and these three products are still the only ones I use.



Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer

Glossier Boy Brow

I 100% recommend the Clinique compact and the Glossier Brow Gel. While I’m satisfied with this mascara, it’s not perfect so I’m still on the hunt. I’ll be testing out a few other brands this week on my Insta stories so make sure you’re following along.


Get Perfect Skin in One Week

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Clarins Lip Oils

My lips take a beating in the summer. I’m always great about applying SPF to my face, lips, and body, but it’s the after-sun care that I’m not so great…

beauty how to

No Heat Hair Styles

Surviving a summer in DC is tough but I’ve struggled through enough of them to know which beauty battles to pick and which ones to let go. Let me tell you,…