April 16, 2015

i.e., the most colorful outfit I’ve ever worn in my neutral-loving life.

District Sparkle Watercolors Meaghan Moynahan3

District Sparkle Watercolors Meaghan Moynahan2

District Sparkle Watercolors Meaghan Moynahan


Pair a navy skirt with nude pumps, a neutral top, and a colorful bag? Easy. Taking it up a notch by adding a patterned blouse and a colored necklace? A little trickier but not impossible. Take your style game from simple to sartorial genius by mixing colors like orange and navy, and fuschia and emerald. What about a windowpane pant + blouse situation? Into it. It can be a little scary if you’re diving headfirst into unchartered fashion waters but the first step is trying these pairings on in your own closet. If you feel like you can head out the door and conquer the world, I’d bet you’ve done it well. If you’re still unsure, head over to Pinterest for a little inspiration or contact me to help detox your closet and create endless outfit possibilities!

Photos by Julien

What’s In My Work Bag

April 15, 2015

District Sparkle Work Tote Gigi New York

Gigi New York Work Tote

What’s in my work bag:

What’s in my desk drawers:

7-Day Skincare Challenge

April 9, 2015

We’ve talked about skincare maintenance, both actual skincare and the makeup (make sure you’ve invested in these 10 products) you’re using on the daily. But I know some of you are still using excuses like I’ll just wait until I run out of my current moisturizer, the exfoliator I want to use is so expensive, sugar is a decent exfoliator, right?, to continue your horrendous skincare routines. Let’s drop that old routine like it’s hot, shall we?

Buzzfeed recently posted about a 7-Day skincare challenge that leads to better skin. Who doesn’t want that!? Well, YOU if you’re exfoliating with sugar... Whether you’re still trying to figure out what the difference between sand and exfoliant is or you’re a skincare savant, I highly encourage you to challenge yourself to this 7-Day skincare routine. I’m starting the 7-Day challenge today and posting this adventure on my Instagram. Make sure you’re following along to get my tips and tricks along the way and make sure you check out my favorite products for each of the 7 days below.



Hard to believe, but I’ve tested each of the products I’ve listed here (cross my heart black soul). All are made for sensitive to normal skin types.

Day 1 // Brush Cleanser  << currently using >>

I wash my brushes once a month. Gross? Maybe, but I don’t have the time or patience to wait for them to dry so once a month it is. I drop a little cleanser in my hand, wet the brush, and swirl it in the cleaner until it’s soaked up. I run the brush under warm water until it’s completely clean, squeeze it dry, then lay it on a towel over night. Depending on how much makeup is on the brush you may need to clean it twice. This one is my favorite but the cleansers below are also top notch.

Day 2 // Sunscreen  << currently using >>
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because it’s LITERALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF SKINCARE. I’m only yelling because I love you. FIND A SUNSCREEN THAT YOU DIE FOR. I don’t care if it’s in your moisturizer or it’s a separate situation that you have to layer or mix into your moisturizer. Do what you need to do. Just make sure sunscreen is involved. It’s also super important to note that not all sunscreen is made equal and not all sunscreen is made for your face. Regular sunscreen is usually heavier and made with more oil than face sunscreen. Don’t put that ish on your face.
A few of my favorite sunscreens:
and my favorite moisturizers (and tinted moisturizers) with SPF in them:
Day 5 // Exfoliate  << currently using >>
So… we should all be exfoliating 2-3 times per week. Crazy, right!? Now that we’ve dealt with that mind-blower as a team, pick up one of my DS approved exfoliators:
Day 7 // Makeup Removers  << currently using >>
Sounds like a given but some of you don’t do it. Which, quite honestly, baffles the hell out of me. Haven’t you ever heard those overnight makeup horror stories? Or that each night you leave makeup on your face you age like 13 years? It’s something like that. Just do it. Makeup on your pillow? Gross.

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