August 22, 2014

Checkered Lace District Sparkle Chic Wish

Checkered Lace District Sparkle Chic Wish

Checkered Lace District Sparkle Chic Wish

Checkered Lace District Sparkle Chic Wish


With a big ol’ birthday party this weekend I’ve been auditioning my entire closet a few looks to meet the part. This one, made up of a few new Chic Wish favorites, was my front runner until I couldn’t stand it any longer & wore it to an event earlier this week. Oops. I’m back to the starting block as far as a killer outfit for tomorrow night is concerned but I couldn’t have been happier floating down Georgetown’s streets in this super fun midi skirt. It was a little too humid & heavy to layer with my typical blazer so I opted for a longer vest that I can’t wait to pair with frayed jean shorts, a white v-neck, & booties for brunch on Sunday. Mimosas will obviously be present.

I wanted to take a quick minute to thank YOU, my sweet readers, for all of the birthday wishes that flooded in throughout the day yesterday. It meant the world to me & I’m so grateful for each & every one of you! If you missed yesterday’s post make sure to check it out to discover 27 things you might not have know about me & enter to win a little something from New York Fashion Week in September.

Wendell & I are continuing the birthday celebrations this weekend. What are your plans for the SECOND TO LAST WEEKEND OF THE SUMMER? Can you believe it!? [Insert wildly excited squeal here.]

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August 21, 2014

One day each year you’re entitled to dedicate your entire day to eating cake sans judgment. So before I duck out to take full advantage of this opportunity, I’ll leave you with 27 things you may not know about me. Stick around & celebrate my 27th with me by leaving a comment below of one thing I might not know about YOU to enter for a chance to win a certain something from New York Fashion Week this September. The winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

1. I once ordered over $25 worth of Shake Shack with a friend. Delivered by Postmates. To us. At the pool.

2. I didn’t give Wendell his name. He was 2 when I adopted him & already knew his name well. It also suited him perfectly. & went well with the argyle vest I bought for him…

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 6.41.45 AM

3. I’m 5’8″ but prefer heels to flats.

4. I do not fear confrontation.

5. I play first base for my co-ed college alum team.

6. I taught Amanda how to cry on the inside like a winner.

7. I instagrammed from an iPhone with a shattered screen for an entire year. It only sliced me once.

8. It’s really hard for me to get behind white mint chip ice cream when there’s so many green options.

9. I really hate taking outfit pictures. If an outfit post isn’t up it’s very likely because I didn’t want to get in front of the camera. Hashtag lazy pants.

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 6.58.27 AM

10. I watch Rachel Zoe DVDs on repeat when I want to feel sartorially inspired or when I want to live in a fantasy world where vintage couture & Chanel are reasonable purchases.

11. The Other Woman & The Devil Wears Prada are my feel good movies.

12. My fridge is always stocked with Gatorade. Even if there’s nothing else in it.

13. I have a serious weakness for Velveeta mac & cheese.

14. The pinky ring I wear every day is my baby ring.

15. I was a jock in high school & I’m still a pretty big tomboy. Shout out to reader Claire who constantly catches me sporting basketball shorts while walking Wendell.

16. I never miss Shark Week but you can’t get me to stand in more than 3 inches of ocean. I know too much to wade any deeper.

17. It irks me when people say, “you’re so lucky”. Sister, it’s not luck. It’s hard work.

18. I don’t know if I believe in bad luck numbers. But January 27 was the day I got my first demerit in 6th grade. February 27 was the day I ended up in the hospital after a basketball injury. & December 27 is when my first ever boyfriend dumped me. Here’s hoping for no demerits this year.

19. When I was 16 I hiked the Haute Route.

20. It pains me to purchase things at full price. From groceries to my Shopbop cart, I’m a sale shopper.

21. I cannot actually handle having blood drawn or getting shots. But I have a tattoo.

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 6.58.17 AM

22. I’ve visitied 8 countries in 10 years.

23. I’ve stepped foot in every U.S. state, including Alaska, with the exception of Hawaii.

24. I am fiercely independent.

25. I hate voicemails with a firey passion.

26. I much prefer a cold, foggy day to a warm, sunny one.

27. Every morning, right before I get out of bed, I snuggle with Wendell who’s head is likely on my face or on the pillow next to my face, check CNN & Twitter.


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August 19, 2014







Last night I sat on my couch, ate chocolate mousse cake, & watched Bachelor in Paradise. Why? ‘Cause I could. & IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Yup. I’m celebrating the whole week. Per usual. Because I’m afraid of missing out on any little bit of birthday happiness but mostly I wait all year long for the excuse to eat cake at any time of the day for 7 days straight.

Cake coma nights quickly turn into foggy pre-coffee mornings where I, once again, find myself blankly staring into my closet with a soaking wet towel plopped on my head. My go-to? You’ve been here before; The answer is black. But even my favorite colorless separates need to be dry cleaned every now & again. So when it’s laundry week I reach for the second easiest option: a monochromatic look with layered accessories. Easy enough, right? This little trick works with any color – maybe lay off the fluorescent pink if you work in an uber conservative environment.

What are some of your outfit hacks for lethargic mornings?


Photos by Amanda

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