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October 29, 2014

I’m a recent grad looking for a work tote. Is that even a thing? I don’t want to fiddle with bags with flaps or anything really expensive. Just a classic tote for work. I’d appreciate any suggestions.
4 out of 5 work days I’m toting. It’s just easier than any other option out there. Coming and going, tossing things here and there. It’s the best type of bag for my commute and for gatherings after work. I’ve been using this one in orange when I need a little color and this reversible one when I need a black or tan option. I’ve picked out a few more that will work, shown below. All are under $300.
After countless wasted hours, I’m on the verge of giving up on finding the right wear to work and at work boot. I’m lucky enough that living in DC means I get to walk to work and it only takes me 25 minutes. My office has a pretty professional dress code so it’s a pain to either a) leave a couple pairs of heels at the office or b) carry a pair of heels back and forth (because there is no way I’m walking over a mile in heels every day). Also, I’m very petite (5’1) so I very rarely wear flats. Now that the weather is getting colder, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of (preferably black) boots that are comfortable enough to wear during my walking commute and professional enough that I can keep them on at the office and wear them with a pencil skirt. All I’m looking for is something with a moderate heel, that comes up slightly above the ankle, and that is professional without being “old lady” ish. Am I asking for too much in one pair of boots? What’s your go to wear-to-work boot? Any advice you may have is appreciated.
Girrrrrl. I hear you. It’s easy to get discouraged when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. I get caught up in the gorgeous hardware on most boots that make them office inappropriate. I’ve found a few that I know would work in my old office that was more business professional – so I’m hoping they work in your office, as well.

My white button down has recently become quite sheer. Not in a cute. stylish way rather in a I’ve worn this blouse so many times and it was never supposed to be sheer sheer. For the record, sheer patches are not cute. I’m looking to spend under $350 for a really quality white button down that I can wear on its own during the week and layer on weekends.

That struggle is real. A good white blouse can get you anywhere so let’s work on this situation. I’m a fan of Tommy Hilfiger and Equipment blouses. They’re fitted and great quality, in my opinion.

East vs. West Style | Beauty Must- Haves

October 28, 2014

Fall Beauty District Sparkle


The #EastvsWestStyle girls and I are rounding out this season’s challenge with a post dedicated to beauty which is a little different for us. But when you love something you make it work, right? Especially when that something is an epically smooth lip crayon or a tuxedo mani tube. Yes. A tuxedo mani tube. That’s slick black polish on one end and matte black on the other. What’s that you say? That’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a cool-weather mani? Yup. LAQA heard us and made our dreams a reality. Like, HI. How perfect?

These new favorites from Laqa & Co have made their way to the makeup pouch in my tote and I’m pretty sure they’ll stay cozy there until I need to swap out colors for Winter. Make sure to check out more of my favorites below!

What are some of your new-to-you favorite beauty products right now?

EastvsWest Beauty

Living After Midnite | The Right Shoes |Envision Pretty | Pursuit of Shoes | Oomph

Plans tonight? Head over to Wink in Georgetown to score 20% off your Vince purchase, sip on some of DC’s finest, nosh on my favorite DC chocolate, and walk away with some fabulous swag! I’ll be there from 6-8p! Can’t wait to see you there!

Shop more of my Laqa & Co beauty faves:

10 things

October 24, 2014



Wink Georgetown and District Sparkle are collaborating on a kick ass Vince trunk show party Tuesday, 10/28. Join me for discounts on one of my favorite lines, drinks, food (obviously), and GIFT BAGS.  Now I know you’ll come. Shop some of my Vince fave-skiis here:

This is old news at this point but if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch. Disclaimer: You’re going to cry laugh. Prepare yourselves.

It’s October which means blanket scarves are a thing again. While I’m a huge fan, I’m over every blogger and her mother posting them on every platform possible. This is the first and last time we’ll talk about them so get your fill below.

This month’s issue of Modern Luxury features a familiar face decked out in Wink favorites, discussing top picks for Fall. Amateur shot here. The more professional production here (page 28).

After the article was printed, I received a number of questions about my day job. While I, in no way, do this actual work, this is another good opportunity to skirt the question and link to an article about how badass these women at a sister agency are. Check out last year’s Elle article on Hillary’s Angels. Talk about girl bosses.

Transfering essentials from purse to purse is just another uber annoying thing we women have to do. I’ve been sticking to two bags for work to make it a little easier on myself. This one in black and this one in orange. I highly recommend both.

Recently discovered that I need to add this to my bedding collection.

This is the most accurate representation I’ve been able to find of me on a Friday night. 2 hours and 3 glasses of wine in and I’m watching Netflix.

This month is National Adopt A Pet Month. SO GO DO IT. I adopted Wendell from the Richmond, VA SPCA but there are great local shelters: WARL, Washington Humane Society, and City Dogs Rescue are a few of my favorites.

I’m trading in my heels for hiking gear this weekend. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to catch all the backcountry action and to watch me cook dinner in tin foil on an open fire.


WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING THIS WEEKEND? I’m yelling cuz I’m so excited about s’mores. Wineries? Antiquing? Lazy football watching?

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