Summer Hair Care

April 22, 2016

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to most things. If it ain’t broke, I’ll never fix it. Or replace it. Or look for a better option. You know those people who flip through every radio station in their pre-sets just to make sure there’s not a better song on? Yea, that’s not me. If Florida Georgia Line is on pre-set #2 that’s where I’m comfortably staying until a super twanky song comes on that forces me to change the station. If it works for me, I’m going to continue using it. Which is why I’ve used the same shampoo for a year, I’ve stuck with the same cruelty-free body wash since it hit the market, and will use Blistex Medex ’til the day I die. But when it comes to hair health, I’ve been slacking. I’ve never found a truly great deep conditioning treatment or hair mask I’ve been married to.

So when a Hair Cuttery opened down the block from my apartment and I saw the walls were lined with shiny, new products that promised moisturized, healthy hair I figured it was worth a shot. Since summertime in DC is no joke, (hello, humidity) I’ve been particularly interested in finding some type of moisture-locking, hair-saving, wonder-working magic to hydrate my hair during the dryer months. Lucky for me, this new Hair Cuttery location stocks It’s A 10 products. I’ve always heard rave reviews for this brand but ignored the hype since I was happy enough with the products I was using. Happy enough!? Girl, please. I should have been striving for perfection. Lesson learned. I decided to pop in for a quick conditioning treatment and left with more products than I care to admit. Mission accomplished.

I actually really like the feeling of my bleached, damaged hair… to an extent (am I crazy!?). Hear me out. With the right products, it’s easier for me to style and definietly easier to go a few days between washes without looking like a grease ball. I was a little skeptical that doing a mask every week or so, as recommended by the Hair Cuttery stylist, would leave my hair too moisturized and almost slippery (you know what I mean?). But my hair felt great right after the treatment and up to 2 days later. I actually loved it so much I purchased the same mask and walked away with a bunch of other products from the same line (this one’s my favorite!). Find them at your local Hair Cuttery or shop them below!

It felt light and moisturized but it also had the texture I like without feeling super dry and dead. I’m hoping those of you with processed hair know exactly what I’m talking about! For those of you with chemically untouched hair – I’d suggest you give this mask a test drive and let me know how it works for you!

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Courthouse location

Hair Cuttery is the largest family owned and operated chain of hair salons in the country, with nearly 900 company-owned locations on the East Coast, and in New England and the Midwest. A full-service, value-priced salon, Hair Cuttery offers a full complement of cuts and styling, coloring, waxing and texturizing services with no appointment necessary, as well as a full line of professional hair care products. Hair Cuttery is a division of Ratner Companies, based in Vienna, VA.

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April 19, 2016

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FINALLY the weather is warm enough where those 13 off the shoulder tops I bought earlier in the year are coming in handy. Pair ’em with denim cutoffs or a wide leg linen pant for maximum day drinking potential.

How To: Dry Clean Your Clothes At Home

April 15, 2016

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First and foremost, the disclaimer: Product and compensation was provided for this review however, I agreed to this collaboration because I’ve been using Dryel, happily, for years (which you know if you follow me on snapchat haaaaiiii). So, when the opportunity presented itself to share this magic in a more formal way, I jumped on it. So, without further adieu, clothing cleaning magic:

I’m the laziest dry cleaner. Ever. Like… I have a huge bag filled with clothing that needs to be dry cleaned but I’m too lazy to walk to the lobby of my building and drop it off. True story. That and I’m so over paying $8 for a blouse to be cleaned. It’s the same thought process I have when I think about going to sleep at a reasonable hour so I’m not exhausted the next morning. It’s a great thought but in reality I stay up til 2am watching The Real Housewives of IDGAF as that heaping pile of unlaundered clothes continues to grow.

Then a few years ago, I miraculously found Dryel. To be honest, I thought it was a great idea but there was no way that this could work: Spilling hot sauce on a crepe thin blouse and laundering it myself? Laughable. Getting deodorant streaks out of a black cashmere sweater? Not a chance. I didn’t even now how to cook steak until 3 months ago. How am I supposed to dry clean my own clothing? Save your shock and horror for my domestication skills or lack thereof for a later time.

Enter: Dryel. Spray a few spritzes of their fancy miracle cleaner on the affected areas, toss 4 or 5 pieces of treated clothing in the dryer bag, then add the moistened (sorry I had to) dryer sheet. Zip closed and throw in the dryer for 15 minutes. Et voila! hopefully you didn’t mix color families (although I’ve done this and it’s totally fine) and your clothes come out as fresh as ever. The packaging suggests immediately hanging your clean clothing so they don’t wrinkle. But since we all now know how lazy I am, sometimes I don’t get around to that part as quickly as suggested. Which is why I rely heavily on wrinkle release spray. Another magical laundry item sent from the household gods.

So, what do you think? Are you sold on the fact that you can clean your dirties in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost of any dry cleaning establishment that’s not ZIPS? Do you already use Dryel? Share your experience in the comment section below!

Product and compensation was provided to review for this post. All opinions are my own.

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