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October 24, 2014



Wink Georgetown and District Sparkle are collaborating on a kick ass Vince trunk show party Tuesday, 10/28. Join me for discounts on one of my favorite lines, drinks, food (obviously), and GIFT BAGS.  Now I know you’ll come. Shop some of my Vince fave-skiis here:

This is old news at this point but if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch. Disclaimer: You’re going to cry laugh. Prepare yourselves.

It’s October which means blanket scarves are a thing again. While I’m a huge fan, I’m over every blogger and her mother posting them on every platform possible. This is the first and last time we’ll talk about them so get your fill below.

This month’s issue of Modern Luxury features a familiar face decked out in Wink favorites, discussing top picks for Fall. Amateur shot here. The more professional production here (page 28).

After the article was printed, I received a number of questions about my day job. While I, in no way, do this actual work, this is another good opportunity to skirt the question and link to an article about how badass these women at a sister agency are. Check out last year’s Elle article on Hillary’s Angels. Talk about girl bosses.

Transfering essentials from purse to purse is just another uber annoying thing we women have to do. I’ve been sticking to two bags for work to make it a little easier on myself. This one in black and this one in orange. I highly recommend both.

Recently discovered that I need to add this to my bedding collection.

This is the most accurate representation I’ve been able to find of me on a Friday night. 2 hours and 3 glasses of wine in and I’m watching Netflix.

This month is National Adopt A Pet Month. SO GO DO IT. I adopted Wendell from the Richmond, VA SPCA but there are great local shelters: WARL, Washington Humane Society, and City Dogs Rescue are a few of my favorites.

I’m trading in my heels for hiking gear this weekend. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to catch all the backcountry action and to watch me cook dinner in tin foil on an open fire.


WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING THIS WEEKEND? I’m yelling cuz I’m so excited about s’mores. Wineries? Antiquing? Lazy football watching?

Styling An Oversized Sweater

October 23, 2014

‘Tis the season for Fall flavored Starbs yummies, topknots, blanket scarves, and trying to pull off oversized sweaters at the office every day of the week.

Styling An Oversized Sweater District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan

Styling An Oversized Sweater District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan2

Styling An Oversized Sweater District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan3

Styling An Oversized Sweater District Sparkle Meaghan Moynahan4


Can you blame us though? It’s the closest we can get to wearing our down comforters to work.

We talked about it a little yesterday, but I wanted to give you a little outfit inspo in the flesh. I wore this exact outfit to work last Friday and it kept me toasty warm while being 9-5 appropriate. Point to you, old Zara sweater. I had a hot date with a few high school friends after punching out so I threw my hair up and swapped out this navy pencil skirt for my favorite black skinnies (which are also office approp, btw). A little something to remember: Most sweaters in this family are porous so toss on a cami or long sleeved tee (my favorite are from Peruvian Connection) underneath to ensure no one sees your La Perla.


Top Tips for Styling Oversized Sweaters:

Stay skinny on the bottom // Pair it with slimming pieces like a pencil skirt, a pixie pant, or a tapered leg pant.

+ Always add a heel // Keep that long, slimming effect by adding a pump or heeled boot

+ Go big or go home // If you’re a size small, try grabbing a size large in that sweater you’ve got your eye on and rock the oversized look. Just because it’s not made to be worn as “oversized” doesn’t mean you can’t style it that way!

+ Ducktail FTW // In a more casual setting, tuck a little of the sweater into the front of your skirt/pants and leave the back hanging out. This is an easy way to draw attention to your natural waist (Instead of looking like this knitted beast is devouring you)


Check out more super comfy oversized sweaters here:

Ask DS

October 22, 2014

Ah, the first of many cool weather based ‘AskDS’ posts. Your questions about cooler weather stylings have been rolling in & today I’ve chosen 3 that I think we can all relate to at one point or another throughout the week. Want your fashion/style questions answered? Submit them via social media tagging @districtsparkle + #askds or by email.


I’m just o-ver getting dressed. I don’t know fashion, it takes too much time in the morning to get things together, and I never feel cute. I work in an office where leggings aren’t an appropriate form of clothing. I’m lacking inspiration and cool clothes.

First of all, leggings are NEVER an acceptable form of clothing. And as far as inspiration goes, Pinterest really can save your ass on those mornings where you think you have absolutely nothing to wear. I cheat at least once a week and check out my ‘outfit inspo‘ Pinterest board for ideas. No time to curate your own? I kinda dig mine.

Now, if you can’t be bothered with Pinterest, we’ve got a bit of a dilemna on our hands, don’t we? So let’s break your closet into three parts: Pants. Skirts. Dresses. Out of 5 workdays, you now have 3 covered. So let’s break it down a little further: Tapered pant. Wide leg pant. Skirt. Shift dress. Shirt dress. HUZZAH! That’s 5 days, ladies.

Shop all 5 here:


How do I make my comfy sweaters appropriate for the workplace?

The easiest way to style an oversized chunker is to pair it with something not oversized. Brilliant, right? Try a super tapered long leg pant or a pencil skirt with heels. The sweater is chunky and boxy so you want to elongate the rest of your body to get that chic look.


Are OTK boots OK at work?

You, my friend, are in luck. We just chatted about this in yesterday’s post. It’s got all the tips to appropriately wear any kind of OTK boot in the office, or anywhere else. Word to the wise: I’d stay away from any stiletto OTKs in the workplace.

Browse more office-friendly OTKs:

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