Location: Washington, DC | By way of: Baltimore, then Northern Virginia with a brief stint in Bloomington, Indiana for undergrad | What did you major in? Criminal Justice + 4 related minors | Are you a full-time blogger? No, I work for a federal government contractor during the week day | Why did you start your blog? I love my day job - it’s what I went to school for. But the field lacks a certain creative aspect & I found myself wanting to create content rather than sift through Pinterest & keep it all to myself. I’ve spent the majority of my life in this city & I find that women could use a little sartorial kick in the pants inspiration every once in awhile. Just because the nature of your job is stuffy doesn’t mean you have to be. That’s where District Sparkle comes in. | But DC is so not stylish. Why aren’t you in NYC? Easy there, hater. Not only is DC my home, it’s where my dream job is. I’m fortunate enough to have happened upon it relatively early in life & while I have a sick obsession with fashion, I’ll always love my day job just a little bit more | How do you describe your style? Overly accessorized moto chic meets easy + professional office attire. That’s a thing, right? | What’s your favorite piece in your closet? A faux leather jacket I found on super sale & wear all the time. It’s one of those pieces I always feel my best in | What’s the one thing you can’t leave home without? My iPhone | What’s your guilty pleasure? SVU reruns whilst devouring chipotle cheddar pretzel crisps | Do you have any roommates? I have one; His name is Wendell & we’re constantly bickering about how he always leaves his toys out. Men.

What’s your holy grail beauty product? L’Oreal Elnett | What’s your skincare routine? I swear by M-61 | Who does your hair? Chris at Salon Cielo in Dupont | Who takes your pictures? All outfit photos are taken by Julien & all other shots taken by me |

Do you offer advertising + sponsorships? Absolutely. Drop me a line at meaghan at districtsparkle dot com



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