5 Tips To Get Your Best Blowout

Ah, the illusive ‘perfect blowout’. It’s a look I’m constantly trying to achieve and a talent I lack that’s plagued me for years. Once, in high school, I blew out my pre-bleached hair with a one-inch round brush and a swimming pool clubhouse dryer and somehow mastered the look. Back then, dry shampoo was only a dream and my perfectly coiffed hair lasted only a day. It was the last time I successfully attempted the blowout on my own. These days I stick to my signature beachy waves or end up flat ironing the life out of my hair.

A good blowout is a skill I’ve always wanted to master. With the right products and a few tips I’ve picked up from some of the best hairstylists in the business, I’m slowly but surely on my way to adding this style to my repertoire.



  1. Start with healthy hair

Any great hairstyle starts with healthy hair. Before I use a lot of heat and styling products, I make sure I wash my hair with a concentrated repair shampoo + conditioner duo to make sure my hair is healthy and to minimize breakage. I’m currently using Redken’s Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner with RCT Protein Complex to treat and repair my hair from root to tip.



It’s important to ensure you’re using a mask that helps to repair and strengthen your hair at least once a week. I like to use this Redken Extreme Anti-Damage Protein Reconstructing Treatment to add nutrients and help strengthen my hair. I also use this Redken Diamond Oil Deep Treatment Mask to hydrate and nourish my hair. I use one on Wednesdays and the other on Sundays – both are applied in the shower to wet hair.


All of these Redken prodcuts are available at your local Hair Cuttery!



2. Divide and conquer

I give my hair a once over with the dryer (upside down for volume) and then section it off with clips so I can focus on one area at a time. Divide your hair into manageable sections and blow dry from root to tip. It’s also helpful to use a dryer with a specific blow-dry nozzle (like the one in these pictures). This attachment typically comes with newer dryers and directs the air to a smaller area where the nozzle meets the hair. It allows for more control, less frizz, and an all around better blow out.



3. Use the right tools

A good blow dryer and round brush are priceless if you’re interested in really mastering this look. I use this dryer and this round brush two or three times a week and highly recommend them. If you’re only going to use one product, an effective heat protectant is essential for maintaining the integrity of your hair, especially if it’s colored. I love this one that also serves as a primer and a blowout extender cream.



4. Keep it simple

It doesn’t take a ton of product or crazy skill to master a decent blow out. It does take a little research, patience, and time. The hand motion should be purposeful but fluid – dry in a downward motion from root to tip. In efforts to keep this experience tangle-free, keep the round brush rotating in one direction to smooth out your hair while you’re blowing it dry – trust me on this one.



5. Add the finishing touches

I like to add a little bit or root booster or dry shampoo to my roots to add a little grit and texture and I always finish any hairstyle with some kind of frizz combating serum. This leave-in smoothing oil serum protects hair from heat and humidity while eliminating frizz and adding shine.



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